Monday, March 17, 2008

Eggs to DYE for!

Tonight for Family Home Evening we decided to dye eggs. What was I thinking when I bought the kit with the dye for a night with an almost 2 year old! It looked fun and painless...NOT! This was all about adults and eggs. I should have gone with the version that was just stickers for eggs or those ones that I remember when I was a kid where you shrink wrap those sleeves around the eggs. I actually loved watching that happen. Nope had to go with the dye. I just thought that this would be less messy. I was wrong!

I bought a version that you hold a sponge with these little tweezers and dip it into the dye. You then sponge it all over the egg.

Gunnar thought that it was semi fun for about 5-10 minutes then he started treating the sponge like a car. He started making the noise (that is what he is doing in the picture) and everything with the sponge. That signaled that he was absolutely done with eggs.

I told Gunnar to show daddy his egg for a picture. Seconds after this picture he dropped the egg and the shell cracked out.

This is another attempt at an egg with Gunnar.

Jeff and I had tons of fun finishing them. They actually turned out really pretty. I think like look like some prehistoric egg. They will all soon be turned into some yummy salad. (Sorry about all of the single egg pictures. I just wanted to add them because they were so pretty and they show up single file.)

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

LOL! It sounds like a typical activity with a one and a half year old! I love the way the eggs turned out though, especially that second to last egg...beautiful! We have to dye eggs for Felicity's school picnic on Friday, so thanks for the idea! I haven't heard of this type before. Where did you buy the kit?

mandbrid said...

I read this post this morning and ran out to Walmart to buy some Easter Egg dying kits...I hope we have some success making our eggs - yours look so beautiful!

Kristi said...

It was actually fun for an adult, but the toddler had a little different idea about the entire thing. Jeff did that second to the last egg. The other side is actually more purple. It is absolutely gorgeous in person. We were dyed all over on our fingers. We bought the kit at Rite Aid. I saw so many different ones at all of the stores around here.

Best of luck with your eggs, Amber and Mandy! Can't wait to see them!

Camille said...

Great Eggs Kristi! They look so pretty!

Every year we have egg wars with our family on Easter night. It consists of the kids and adults holding thier eggs and wacking them together to see who has the stongest shell. Everyone has their own no-fail technique for how to hold the egg and such to ensure it's triumphant win. The kids love it! IT wasn't until I was a newly wed and spending easter with my inlaws that I realized it wasn't a regular tradition that everyone did.

My poor kids think egg wars is the meaning of easter.

Shelley said...

Love the eggs, I've never done that before, perhaps I should try it next year!