Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can't believe it has been 3 years already

Three years ago today we officially signed on our house. Wow! Where has the time gone? We moved all of our stuff in on the 12th. This was the first house that we had ever bought. Boy is the signing day such a nerve racking day. The piles of papers to go through are huge and you really do feel as if you just signed your life away. We had the most awesome realtor. She was so great and walked us through everything from start to finish. We really enjoyed getting to know her.
I love this house. We literally got lucky. Jeff announced one day that we were moving. We needed to get out of the situation we were in. We had about a month to make it all happen. We originally wanted a place with land. However everything in our price range was either a trailer house or needed a lot of work. We had just come from the work situation and did not want to go back at the time. We wanted something that was already together with little updating. We looked at so many houses in person and online. We looked from one end of the Treasure Valley to the other. We really didn't care where it was. One Friday I spotted this house online that had just been listed that day. We talked to our realtor and saw it Saturday. She always told us that if we saw something that we liked to call her immediately because houses were selling fast. Saturday afternoon we made an offer on the house. After a few counter offers it was ours. The sellers realtor told ours that if we no longer wanted it, to let her know because there were people lined up to buy it. My realtor also liked the house so much she wanted to buy it as a rental. It does not have any land and is in a subdivision. However it does have room to grow and is in a great area of town.

The house was built in 1946 and we are the third owners. Th people that we bought it from only lived there for 2 years prior and built a house, hence the reason to sell. He later came by and wanted to get a really nice tree stand that they left in the basement and regretted moving because the house is incredibly efficient. We have 8+ mature trees along with lots of shrubs and vines. The house is 2745 sqaure feet with a little over 500 square feet as an unfinished basement. We have a living and family room with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The part that I really love about old houses are the built ins. We have so many neat ones.
This is just one eample that I happen to have a picture of. This is in Gunnar's room. The drawers are built in and the open space on top is the perfect size and shape for a diaper changing place. We then added the shelves and bead board. And yes that is a missing drawer pull. I just need to finish painting it and putting it on two years later.

This house was completely updated when we bought it. The previous homeowners installed pergo floors in the front room before we bought it and skylights in the family room too. The carpet is all updated and the kitchen floor was updated as well. The only thing that I did was paint almost the entire inside. We hope to pain the outside in a year or two. It is the old wood shingles and needs it done so badly. I have not yet decided if I want to keep it blue or change it completely.
The house looks quite small from the front but as you can see it actually goes on and on. The garage sits back far from the street which I really like and then the house spreads out from there. This neighborhood at one time was home to pretty influential people. We are not even a block from the community hospital and golf course. Doctors and lawyers used to live on this road. Many of them still do or their widows still do. The people are all mostly older so they hire out their lawn care so everything looks nicely maintained. We live directly across the street to the original farmhouse built in 1924. From there many of the other houses were built.
This has been a great place for us to be. We have met many wonderful people here. Our church ward is absolutely fantastic and reminds me of the ward that we were in when we were first married...just so open to new people and new friendships. Very willing to serve everyone. I love that and we needed that comingfrom a ward that was the complete opposite. We have made many life long friends here and feel blessed every day that this just fell into place.
*Oh ya, we are also about 8 minutes from my parents and sister/brother in law which I love*

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Camille said...

How cool. It's so neat that you know so much history about your house. It's a really great place. I was just over at my sisters and we drove right by your street on the way to Luby park. :) she is having her baby at that hospital right by you. When I come to see her, maybe I'll do the 'pop in'. hehe.. see you then!

The Price Family said...

I forgot.. I got an e-mail from Heidi and my old roommate, and she wanted Heidi's contact info. The link to her blog is on my site, if you would just let Heidi know! Thanks!

Shelley said...

Your house is lovely. I really like the tree in front of your house. So pretty.