Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zoo Boise

Thursday May 15th we went to the zoo for the afternoon. My sister Mindy and I have been wanting to go for the last year. We planned to go in the spring, then we couldn't go for some reason so by the time we got around to rescheduling, it was too hot. Then we wanted to go in the fall and for some reason we couldn't go then. So we finally went and the day that we did go was pretty hot. She nanny's a little 18 month old names Jack. He and Gunnar are at the perfect age to go. Last year, they may not have gotten it. We also went with my good friend Shelly and her 4 year old Dylan and 2 month old Leah. We had so much fun!

I just wanted to cuddle this little guy. He looks so soft! He was also very interested in all of his visitors.
The monkeys were first on the list. Gunnar was really quite interested in them. But overall the entire afternoon, he was quite expressionless. When Gunnar is very cautious about his surroundings and soaking everything in, he gets VERY serious. You can not get this kid to smile or laugh. He actually hangs around me really well. He is just taking it all in. Really funny and not really fun when I am so excited for him to see everything.
The zoo got a little unexpected baby monkey. He was so incredibly cute. In this picture he is hanging on to his mommy. You can really see the white around his face.
These little things are SO cool! I loved them and they just sat in the shade checking things out. They are called Cavies and with a two year old wandering I didn't really get a chance to read up on them.
We spend quite a bit of time checking out the birds. The hardest part was trying to show a 2 year old what we were supposed to look at and wondering if he really understood. A 4-year old on the other hand was quite fun to show.Gunnar really liked watching the Bighorn Sheep. We were standing at the perfect spot with them behind him and then they walked on when I took the picture. Can't really tell them what to do can you.
The penguin exhibit was a joke as far as Gunnar was concerned. I loved it because you could see them swimming around. Gunnar could care less. They did have these little statues of all of the types of penguins outside of the building. What a perfect photo op I thought. Gunnar was not interested in me or the cute little penguins.
Jack on the other hand was hilarious. He ran from one to the other so fast. He would hug them or study each one carefully. He was fun to watch.
We had to go up this very big hill and Dylan insisted on pushing Gunnar. I love how Gunnar is looking out the side at me.

We finally made it up to the bear exhibit. He wasn't out but the zookeeper was. Mindy yelled down to him asking when the bear would be out. He told us that he was going back to release him and it would be about 5 minutes. We figured we could wait. I am so glad that we did. This bear was the best part of the zoo. I had never seen one that looked like it. It is called the Sloth Bear and it looks like a really fuzzy dog. He was so neat. He just wondered around for a while and then disappeared into the canyon type thing in his enclosure. I was so thrilled that we got to see him.

My sister took the picture of Gunnar and I together put the camera on the stroller shade and I started going not paying attention. The camera hit the ground and stopped working. Boy was I bummed because I didn't bring our other camera. Thus the reason for the late post. I had to get pictures from Mindy of the rest of our trip.

We have two huge tigers at the zoo. One of them was right outside the glass. How AMAZING! I thought. Gunnar on the other had looked at them for about 2 seconds and walked off. Look at how big this guy is in comparison to little Gunnar. WOW!
At about this leg of the zoo, the kids were all getting a little crabby. It was well passed their naptimes and they were done. They all wanted to go on the slide but we made them continue through the rest of the zoo making it one of our last stops. We were so close to the end.
This is how close we got to expression from Gunnar. I think he is pointing at the fox.
This Komodo Dragon is just creepy big. They are huge! I sure would not want one of these coming after me.
We put Gunnar up here. This definately was not by choice. He would not even try to crawl through. Jack and Dylan on the other hand really liked it.
We made them sit in this gigantic nest. We later realized that it was a little hot. Oops.
FINALLY, the big giraffe slide. It too was a little hot so just a couple rides down for everyone and then we were ready to leave.
We had SO much fun and will most likely do it again when the zoo gets an elephant and giraffe in October. Everything could not have been more perfect...the weather, the company, the price (it was cheap Thursday) and the animals.

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Mindy said...

the zoo was so much fun! i hope you got some decent pictures out of everything.