Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Firepit with the Sanfords

My parents are in the country and have a firepit so we invited our friends the Sanfords over for hotdogs and marshmallows. Their kids had never roasted a hotdog on a firepit so we all had a lot of fun. Their family went to relatives for the 4th of July. Her kids were eaten alive with mosquitos. I am not talking a bite here or there. I am talkin all over their legs and arms. Their girl was also allergic to one of the sprays they used and broke into a rash. So while Gunnar and Dylan (4 year old) were playing on the Little Tikes jungle gym, Dylan was stung about 5 times by wasps. One on his face and the other on his arms. Poor kid. He was bit the worst from the mosquitos too. What a night. Randy (the dad) actually suggested putting mustard on the stings. The strange thing is that it worked and the swelling started going down immdeiately. Gunnar is obsessed with marshmallows. Prior to everyone coming over, he was trying to get into this bag of coconut marshmallows. Little did he know that they were sealed half way down. We all had one marshmallow after another. They are so good and mixed with graham crackers and chocolate they are even better. Overall we had a great time and loved the company.

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

So what happened to Gunnar? Did he get any bites or stings? That poor kids with the wasps makes me cringe. I HATE wasps! The rest of it sounds yummy though! I love Smores!