Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Uncle Brent and Auntie No No

Sad, sad day. My brother Brent and his fiance left today for Sacramento. Noelle already lives there but Brent is moving there. It has been a fun week with them. We all just wished that they would permanently live here. Wouldn't that be great. We were all so excited to meet Noelle. She was exactly what we had hoped she would be...someone that would fit right into the family. It was as if she had been around for years. There was no ackward moments or anything off limits to talk about. Gunnar just loves his Uncle Brent and Auntie No No, as she taught him.

He was told to smile and this is what came out. He is SO funny. We can't wait to see you guys in December!

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Rachel C. said...

Great pictures! Gunner is so cute!