Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hula Babes

This last Saturday marked the one year anniversary of when our hula halau was created. So, we all got together for a photo shoot. These pictures will also be used for marketing information. They are also great to show others what we offer to them and what our costumes look like. My mom took the pictures and I enhanced them digitally. It was raining on and off while we were doing these. Auntie Jewell was kind enough to let us use her backyard for the pictures. She and her neighbors have the prettiest yards. The properties all slope down to a ditch. Every neighbor has landscaped such that it makes it appear as if it was a meandering creek. Jewell and her neighbors across from them are joined by a white bridge. Such a pretty place for pictures. This is probably one of my most favorite pictures because the colors are so vivid and distinct. However this is the least favorite of all of the songs because it is such a cheesy song to us but everyone really likes it. It is called Sophisticated Hula.

This song is called Pua Olena. Pua means flower so that is what we are making with our fingers. The Olena flower is also yellow hence the outfit choice. This costume is actually one of our most attractive and audiences really love this song. It's a love song.

This outfit actually goes to a song called He Aloha. It is fast and upbeat. Really fun to dance. We just finished learning all of I'ilihi, which is a song that uses the pu'ilis (sticks). Our costumes, I think, are going to be purple similar to these. That song is REALLY fast and fun. It is done with partners.

Every single dancer also got individual shots which was fun. So ackward looking. It was so darn cold out there and the rain was coming and going.

Mindy being silly. So typical of her.

This is a really good picture of Heidi.

The keiki's in the group are so darn cute. Their group has actually grown to include about 4 more kids but these gals were the originals and invited to get their pictures taken. They have all been here from the beginning, one year ago. Their skills have improved so much.

This song is a hawaiian cowboy sort of thing. Super cute.

I love the colors of their bright outfits. This one is probably my favorite of theirs. They too have learned a couple of new songs. I can't wait to see all of the new outfits. We've learned about 3 new ones ourselves thus meaning three new costumes. I can't wait.

I just had to throw this picture in of Mindy because she is just so georgous. She is by far the most photogenic of our family.

This is Tasha our hula teacher. We have known her and her family for years and love learning from this. This past year has been such a great journey. Learning about our heritage and getting fit. Boy is hula a huge workout. Here is to more years of hula!

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