Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a very busy day. It was packed with so much to do. I all started at 8am when he would not get into his costume. We needed to head to Boise, so I figured I would get him all dressed up and that was what he would wear for the entire day. He would not do it. Since starting his terrible twos, he has been a pill getting him to do what needed to be done. To avoid a fight, we just headed out and the costume was loaded into the car. Gunnar had his preschool party first. He was just so grumpy. We managed to paint a cute little pumpkin and do a pumpkin walk. All of the families brought treats for a mini trunk or treat. Gunnar then agreed to get the jacket on and that was it. He had a lot of fun getting his goodies. We had a lot of fun at the party. Thanks Hannah!

In the afternoon, we headed to the county courthouse and Jeff's work across the street to trick or treat. Jeff was able to come with us which was really fun. We went with my good friend Shelly and her kids. They had a lot of fun and Gunnar loves her kids.

Kaetlyn (Hannah Montana), Brian (vampire), Dylan (puppy), Gunnar (army boy) and Leah (Minnie Mouse)

The courthouse has three levels and lots of offices. It was really a lot of fun. Several of the hallways were darkened and fun decorations were everywhere. It was fun to see all of the other creative costumes. Jeff was the one in the safari costume in the hall picture.

We live not even a block in from the hospital in town and every year I see dressed up children heading there. I figured Gunnar and I should check it out. On the way home from the courthouse we stopped. In the back of the parking lot they had a trunk or treat set up with hospital departments, the fire/police/paramedics and a few others. I had no idea when it started but got in line. We got there at 3:30pm and I found out that it started at 4pm. We decided to wait. We were fairly close to the beginning. Gunnar felt completely asleep when the line started moving. I was not about to get out of the line after waiting all that time. I woke him up and the process started. This is where the trunk or treaty was born. He started saying it to everyone. It was pretty cute. This event was the best for the most candy. He got more candy and things (frisbee, coloring books, crayons, stickers) from this event than any of the others combined. They were handing out mini handfuls. They had an ambulance all decorated when you walked through. It was pretty fun. Heading home, I realized that it is best to get there early and stand in line than be stuck in line clear at the end. The line was soooo long, weaving in and out of the parking lot.
At 5:30pm we headed to the ward trunk or treat. At this time we were able to get Gunnar's pants on. I thought I had it figured out when I changed his pullup and got the pants on for his mini nap. Jeff went in and found the pants off and thrown across the room. Jeff was able to convince him. He loved them on. He wore the entire outfit the rest of the night. Gunnar had a lot of fun walking around getting more candy. It takes forever because he has to check out each piece of candy as he gets it. Earlier in the day he was trying to eat each piece as he received it. Of course we would not let him. Gunnar has had this cheesy smile the entire day because I have to tell him to show me teeth to get him to smile. He cracks me up. Jeff wanted to wear his second outfit at work but figured he better be more conservative there. He packed it for work and changed into it at the end of the day. Friends at the trunk or treat just laughed. I wish I took a better picture because it is pretty funny. He was wearing this nasty mullet wig with a bandana, an army jacket and Iraqi freedom shirt and grungy work pants. It was pretty funny and not expected. Gunnar used his army backpack as a trick or treat bag. His costume was great.
After the trunk or treat, we headed to my sister's and mom's house for a treat. My sister was so excited to wear this hat for her witch costume. The hat is actually pretty cute with these really big feathers, flowers and bugs. Gunnar was getting pretty crabby at this point.
This was at the door of my parent's house. I am bummed that it turned out a little blurry. It is still pretty cute. I am planning on playing around with it in my editing program.

Saturday, we washed the army oufit and Gunnar really wanted to wear it. What is up with that. We had a really fun, safe halloween and I hope that yours was the same. My mom also gave me a little tip of what she used to do when we were younger. She would take out some of the non halloween wrapped candy and save it for our Christmas stockings. What a great money saving tip. Just stick it in the freezer and it will be as good as new.

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Robert and Hannah said...

How fun. It is so funny (and frustrating) how their little personalities come out as they get older. As they begin to assert their independence things sure get interesting! He is such a fun little guy!

Orton Family said...

Wow - what a fun day for Gunner! Isn't it funny about the Halloween costume thing? That is sweet that his daddy loved him into getting into the rest of his costume. I am so thankful for sweet daddies. I am glad you had a great day!!!

Shauna said...

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! Sounds like you've been lucky with only a short amount of terrible two's! Jeff's wig is awesome!

Mindy said...

I didn't even know that was Jeff until I read it... Maybe walmart bingo needs "guy with mullet" and jeff could wear it into walmart and check that spot off!