Friday, January 9, 2009

60 Quarters Richer

Today my dad and I headed out for California at 6am this morning. With the fantastic offer from the Jensen's in my parent's ward, we were able to borrow their travel van. It is awesome I tell ya! The van is pretty much the size of a normal Dodge van but it is outfitted with everything that an RV would have but smaller. It has a double bed in the very back, and the front seats both convert into a single bed. It has a little kitchenette and a toilet. It was really comfy to ride in. We were warned that it did not like ruts or wind and boy were they right. We hit super bad wind from Winnemucca to Reno. I mean bad! My dad was fighting the steering wheel the entire time. Everyone was really.

Backing up a little, while in Winnemucca, we stopped at the Red Lion to eat a late breakfast. Everywhere in Nevada has a spot of slot machines attached. After breakfast, my dad stuck a dollar in one of the machines ($.25 machine). I pulled the lever and we didn't win anything. We moved to another machine and stuck a quarter in it, nothing. We went around to the other side and put another quarter in the machine. My dad pushed the button and we WON! I told him we were cashing out right then. No more playing. Quarters started spitting out of the machine. We won 50 quarters. My dad told me to start gathering them. I had handfuls of them. My dad told me to put them in my purse. I told him that I liked the handfuls of quarters. I felt like I was someone in the movies that just one a bunch of money. They always seem to be shown holding handfuls of money, right? I had a lot in my purse and handfuls still when a casino worker walked up and asked for my ID. I had a feeling the first pull of the machine that someone was bound to think that I was 16 trying to play. My dad stuck a quarter in the machine and he won 10 more! We were done and left.

Our trip was actually pretty uneventful. The weather was perfect, the Donner Pass was perfect. The weather was sunny up there. It was just long. Nine hours was getting too long. We are so greatful, again, to the Jensen's. Their travel van was an answered prayer. We were seeking comfort by vehicle for my mom.

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Emily - Cald 6th said...

I think the Jensen's are great and I am so glad you were able to use their van and get their safe? do you have Gunnar?