Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happily Ever After

My dad and I arrived at the hospital about 11am and my mom was sleeping on January 10t. She had already been to some therapies and was pretty warn out. Shortly after Holly a physical therapist came in to work her right side. She did a lot of things to get my mom to focus on her right hand or arm. The therapists have really been working on balance. My mom did have some feeling on her leg/foot but nothing in her hips/buttocks. She'll get there.

My dad let my mom listen to the Ipod. She loves it. She had these Bose noise cancelling earphones on so when we asked her something, she just looked into space until we realized that she had those things on. It was funny because the music put her to sleep and she was tapping her pointer finger to the music.
After dinner I talked to Jeff and had Gunnar talked to grandma. She put the phone to her ear and said 'hi gunnar'. We were all surprised. I think that they both loved it. Jeff later told me that Gunnar heard my mom saying, "ba, ba, ba" trying to talk to him and was a little perplexed. He wasn't sure what to think that that was not how he remembers her talking to him. He then listened. He must have started talking because she was laughing. Afterwards the call, she almost started crying. It is hard to see her sad but thankfully it doesn't happen often. She has been so hilarious since we got back here. We have all had each other almost literally and figuratively rolling on the floor.
She said 'no' really clearly. Brent and Noelle had stopped to visit and as Noelle walked in she said really clearly, 'oh hi!'
One of the physicians stopped in to say that she has been doing very well. Everyone around here seems to be very surprised and happy with her progress. Dr. Pena (the doctors are all foreign around here I tell ya-usually asian) was very supportive of our move back to Idaho. Everyone is starting to understand that it is the best for her and all of us.
While mom was taking a nap, the 4 of us went to dinner at PF Chang's. I had never been there and let me tell you, the Mongolian Beef is the best thing ever. It was soooo good. During lunch/dinner, we watched this nutso lady and her daughter sit at an outside table taking care of their 3 little dogs. She had all of them in this dog stroller thing-crammed in there. There were two pomeranians and a poodle. She took more time taking care of them then eating her cold meal. She totally looked like an unkept doggy lady, much like the cat ladies.
We we got back, mom was up and ready for dinner. She has been getting a cup of coffee with every meal and every meal I tell a nurse that they need to change that. Kind of annoying but whatever. Afterwards mom had a headache and got some meds for it. I don't take headaches lightly now. On our drive here, my dad told me that my mom was complaining of a really bad headache on the way back from San Francisco. He gave her pain meds and that was that. Well, I have since learned that the 'K' in stroke means Killer Headache. That may have been her indicator but who knew. We all get headaches.
At about 8:15pm mom was so bored. She had a really long nap and was wide awake. She wanted to watch tv. It is kind of a no no right now. Dad plugged it in and we watched Practical Magic until 11pm. She stayed awake during the entire thing. She never stays awake during things like that. She was laughing during the funny parts and turning down the volume during the commercials. It was great.
My dad brought up her favorite blue blanket from Idaho. She was thrilled to see it. She continued to motion for it until we finally figured it out. It took quite a while of playing 20 questions. Once she got it, she got situated and was ready for sleep.
This picture was when my dad combed her hair and she questioned what it looked like so I took a picture to show her. My dad has a totally different way of doing hair. Usually a style that we all don't like. All of the nurses comment on her pretty highlights. She just had them done before Brent's wedding and they look great. Just so you all know what my dad and I have been going through, I thought that I better take a picture. This is so for you Mindy. We get to drive their lovely Accord that had this vinyl lettering put on the back window after they were married. It is so embarrassing and my dad and I hate it for obvious reasons. Just imagine Mindy and I driving the car around town. Not funny but funny

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Daniel and Mindy said...

Mom looks happy to have you guys there! I just want her home. And the car sign is fantastic.

Sharon/mom said...

If I didn't believe in fasting before, I would now! I am so happy she is doing so well! I am so grateful to you. I am so glad you are there. It shows the power of grandchildren too that she can already say Gunners name! Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when he gave us those! Tell you mom hi and that we will come and visit as soon as she is settled and ready for visitors in Idaho! love you !

Camille said...

The vinyl lettering is hilarious. It sonds like your mom is doing pretty well.

Do you know by any chance how often and for how long your mom has been having bad headaches? My mom has horrible 3 day migrains at least once a month and your situation has me really worried about her.


That is hilarious about teh car- ha- in california 2 girls driving around- and then you and your dad- ha- so funny. I loved the pictures- and it's funny you mention her hair- because I was thinking the same thing- "her hair is so cute!" and then i realized "ohhhhhh she was getting ready for a wedding, she got her hair done!" I'm glad that you guys have been having a lot of laughs. Thanks for posting pics.


Oh yeah- I love how she can say NO really clearly, just like a toddler, can always say the word No clearly! And that is wonderful she said Hi to Noelle!