Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So Jeff and I didn't really do anything this year. Usually we just really don't do anything. Valentine's Day has never been one of those holidays that I get overly excited about and look forward to. It just never has. I love flowers, don't get me wrong...I actually really love flowers but when I find out how much they cost I just want to die. Since we really don't have any money to spare and we are wanting to work hard this year and pay off most of our debt, not really doing anything was not a holiday crusher. I could care less. My mom was also home for several hours so we spent time over there and then bought a pizza on the way home. It didn't take long for Gunnar to make it to bed then Jeff since he was up at Brundage the day before snowboarding with my dad and Ren. He also woke up about 6:30am Saturday morning to go running. What a weirdo!
Anyway, Gunnar did have fun. He went to his preschool Valentine's Day party. Hannah's parties are always great fun. This one Gunnar really liked. It naturally involved lots of candy. Hannah always has several activities set up around the room and yummy creative treats. We had to stop in the middle of making our card because Gunnar decided that the cookie sandwiches looked good at the moment.

Gunnar decided that he would make his card for grandma. Hannah was so brave to have glitter available. That stuff never goes away but it is very fun to use. Gunnar made a fantastically eclectic card. I had to dance at Ono's, a hawaiian resteraunt in town, that night so Gunnar got to hang out with Aunt Heidi and grandma for the night. He was able to give her the card then. She liked it. Like how he picked black as the main color. I had to use pink on the inside just so we could stamp on it and see it.Watching a bunch of kids play "Diamond, Diamond, Heart" (duck duck goose) was the funniest thing. Most of them were so excited but didn't really know what to do. It was great.Gunnar walked away from this party loaded. Thanks everyone for the really fun valentines. These were the ones that we gave out. They were so cute!

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