Thursday, April 2, 2009

My mom and Gunnar are hilarious. I am constantly trying to remember the funny things that they do, so that I can right them down. I need to get better.

-The other morning, I was letting Kaika (our large lab/bloodhound) outside for the morning. I said, "here you go sista". Gunnar heard that and said, "mom, she's not a sister, she's a big ghoul." (no r sound).

-We went to a fun family gathering last Saturday and my cousin's daughter's name is Zoey. Gunnar loved following her around calling her Loezy.

-I've come to the conclusion that Gunnar can't really say his r's. So things are Len (Ren), Rusty (Luxy), Robin (Lobin). Another funny thing that he says is Paterpillar and Logurt (for yogurt).

-Everything he says is mines this and mines that.

-Right now he is so emotional. One minute he is great, the other he is a monster. What happened to my sweet little boy. One day as I was picking my mom up at therapy (I have about 3 hours to do whatever), I told her that I couldn't find a child sized straight jacket at Ross. We laughed.

-My mom is now able to move her arm up towards her chest. AWESOME! Such a big accomplishment. This has fired her up to work hard on everything. Heidi says that this is happening because she just started praying on her own. We all laughed about it but there is probably some truth in that. Heavenly Father probably missed hearing from her.

-Quite often, we have to sit and wait for my mom to find the words that she is looking for. On occassion Heidi and I will look over and find Gunnar giving my mom this trying-to-figure-it-out-and-will-wait look. It is pretty funny because he gets so serious. He is quickly picking up all of the interactions that we do with my mom.

-I figured out the easy way to get two people bathed at once. I stick Gunnar in the garden tub and my mom in the shower. They are side by side so it is quite easy to manage. Gunnar feels like he is swimming so he loves it. I told my mom one day that if they were not taking baths and looked the way that they do, I would take a picture because it is quite comical. Gunnar will usually stay in the tub long enough for my mom to dry off and get dressed. It works out so well.

-My mom can now take a shower completely on her own. Given time, she can get herself dressed. She can do her hair and apply her makeup on her own. She is starting to do some in the kitchen. I mess up the rice (in a cooker no less) everytime here, so that is now my mom's job. Hers is perfect.

-Two of her friends from the ward come over twice/week while Gunnar is in preschool. One loves to do the Wii with her. The other started a baby quilt with her yesterday. My mom was excited to get back into it. The other day the JoAnn's ad appeared in the mailbox. I told mom that she needed to get back into sewing by the time one of us had a little girl so that she could make Easter dresses. She said that she was excited to. Heidi showed up after work, saw the same ad and said the same thing. It was pretty funny.

-Yesterday my mom had a dr appointment so we got milkshakes afterwards. My mom was so excited to start eating hers until she realized that she had only one hand to do it with. It wasn't going to work and we laughed.

-Not funny but great. My mom has lost 8 lbs since March 10th. We are all so excited for her.

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