Thursday, April 2, 2009

POST Explosion Anyone?

Those near an Albertsons, have you been in lately? Have you noticed the HUGE mountain of cereal and wondered what it was all about. Or have you b\seen somebody that has gotten carts full. Let me tell you, this is so darn exciting. I think that I have my year's worth of food storage in cereal. Seriously, this is the best deal. Cheaper than the cheap cereal. If you have not heard about it or wondered what it was all about let me fill you in.

Albertsons is running a great deal right now. The good POST cereals are on sale. My local Alberstons in Caldwell has a fantastic explanation on this. They have it completely broken down. What you have to do is buy 5 boxes of eligible cereals (can't miss the elegible cereals near the cases and cases of them near the entrances) for $1.67/box. That comes to spending $8 something from the top. Then you are able to buy anything after that for $.67/box! Holy smokes people. Here are some of the options...raisen bran, frosted shredded wheat (plus regular and honey nut), Honey Bunches of Oats (regular, with chocolate, with strawberries, with cinnamon, with Almonds), Grape Nuts, the Select Varieties (like Banana Nut Crunch, Blueberry Morning, Cranberry Almond Crunch), some yummy looking Trail Mix variety. Seriously these are all of the good kinds that are good for you. These all run for $3+ in the stores. I did the math and at this price, it still comes out way cheaper than the cheap cereals/brands.

Okay so I bought 4 cases on my first run. Yep, I said first. This is how it works. You want to buy in increments of 5 boxes. When you get what you want, take it all to the cashier and they nicely walk you through it. They end up counting all of your boxes and dividing them by 5. This gives them the number of individual transactions that they will need to make. Keep your debit card out because you will need it. The cashier runs up 5 boxes...then you pay. This is the magic. The little coupon spitting machine (called a catalina) spits out the magical coupon of $5. The cashier runs 5 more boxes and cashes in that coupon bringing your lovely total to like $3.85 for 5 boxes!!! You pay, and the machine spits out another magical coupon. This can go on and on and on... literally it won't stop. So I bought 4 cases the first time that I went. The night before I spotted many different varieties. When I went the next day, some were already gone. The cashiers are telling me that this cereal is just flying out of the store. When you are done the machine stills spits out that $5 coupon. You can use it on anything or come back and use it on your next order of cereal like I did. Continue reading.

Okay, so I went back this morning for the Banana Nut Crunch that wasn't there (they said that it should be in the new shipment) and ended up seeing a surprise. Raisen Bran!! I love this stuff and didn't know it was in the sale. I was so excited and bought 2 cases (cases typically have 12 boxes in them). So I was still on the quest for Banana Nut Crunch. So while my mom was in therapy, I stopped by a Nampa Albertsons. They had more varieties. This is where I picked up the Trail Mix kind, and the some sort of Apple, Pecan, Carmel kind, and the Frosted Shredded Wheat. I ended up getting just shy of 3 cases.

Okay, so I am done. I have so much cereal, but you know what, there is variety and I have it for the next year or longer. We have the room to store it and love cereal. Heidi, Ren, Mindy and my mom will reap some of these benefits. I am so excited.

Oh ya, and all of this goes towards earning cents off of gallons of gas. Before today's cereal run, I had already accumulated up to $.30 off per gallon.Yeah!

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The Woods said...

I just did that last night. Did you know if you buy 3,5, or 7 boxes of Kellog's cereal you get 1,2, or 3 gallons of milk for free? Plus, some of the Kellog's cereal are only $1.99? Last night I got 15 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk for $15. Excellent.

The Woods said...

I forgot to say that I used my last $5 catalina to get the Kellog's cereal and the free milk. Ended up being $5 for 5 boxes of cereal and then the 2 gallons of milk for free.

Robert and Hannah said...

Thanks for telling me about this. We know have a lot of cereal!