Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Big Boy is a Preschool Graduate

Gunnar loved this year of preschool and we did everything that we could to get him there. I think we only missed like one maybe two days the entire time. Pretty impressive considering all that has been going on. I figured that this was the one constant in his life that he could count on. Plus he loved it there, he just thrived and learned so much in that environment. His preschool teacher, Hannah, was fantastic. She is just so easy to work with and made it really fun for the kids. Gunnar always looked forward to going to her house twice a week.
The graduation at the end of May was really fun. Hannah had little hats for each child and the program was well thought out. They had a little march up to the front of the lawn. Hannah mentioned something about each child as it was their turn to get the diploma. Hannah basically said how my child was a wild child at the beginning and as the year progressed changes could be seen. By the end of the school year, he was sitting down and tracing his letters and numbers patiently. I too have noticed the transformation with him. He loves to learn and was very excited to share what he had learned that day with me. He enjoyed making friends with the other preschoolers. He is such a social kid and a lot of that is what gets him in trouble. We love this kid so much.

I have a couple of piles of all of the art and projects that they completed this year. I am planning on taking a picture of each piece and publishing it into a book. It can be so hard to pick my favorites. I also want to remember each project but don't want to keep all of them so making a book is the best solution to this. I hope to get it done in the next couple of months before it remains on the bottom of the list for too long.

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Mindy said...

I cannot believe Gunnar is even old enough to be in preschool. What a big boy!