Thursday, December 16, 2010

4 Days Apart

In the middle of November, Heidi and I headed over to Meridian to visit one of our friends from high school that we had not seen in a while. Kimberly and I had babies 4 days apart from each other so I was really interested in seeing how Brecken and Gage compared. From everything that we had written on our blogs, their stats were almost identical. She was actually due about 4 days after me. It was fun to read about our pregnancies. We both have c-sections and we both had ours scheduled and ended up going early.
Cami and Brecken are so cute together. Brecken is so interested in her. Funny to see a baby interested in another baby. I love how he tried to hold her little hand. Cami was about 2 weeks in these pictures.

3 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

It's crazy to see how tiny she was. She just outgrew that outfit this week and it was so big on her then.


It's so funny to see how big he is next to her. Obviously they are the size they are supposed to be for their ages- but when you put them next to eachother- it makes it look like they're the same age- but ones huge and one's tiny- ha. His pink cheeks in the middle pic is sooooooooo precious- I WANT TO EAT HIS CHEEKS! Do you find yourself wanting to eat him? or is that just a strange thing my family desires?

Mindy said...

That child of yours is HUGE! I like the one of Brecken and Camden. Looks like Camden is smiling at him.