Sunday, January 30, 2011

Candy, Egypt, Primary

Gunnar just went to bed and the treats just came out. I started thinking about all of the times my parent's most likely did this. The funny things that we do when our kids aren't around.

I've been watching and reading about the absolute chaos and madness going on in Egypt right now. What a mess. Egypt has always been the one place overseas that I would love to visit. The historical sites and artifacts are so interesting to me. To see the pyramids and tombs and everything in between would be so neat. I was reading about how looters were starting to go after the Egyptian Museum and broke several known artifacts. They also tore the heads off of a couple of mummies. Who would even think to destroy something like that. Jeff and I were talking about it and I would have this aweful wrong feeling about ti. I guess that is the difference between me and them. A bunch of citizens ended up arriving in somewhat time to make a human barricade trying to prevent the looters from entering. Some did and created a mess. Soon after the military showed up and have been keeping the place protected. I am glad that the general population in Egypt thought enough of their history to do that. I would some day like to visit a place so rooted in history.

Today all of the parent's in Gunnar's class got the talk from their teachers. Oh man, Gunnar has some issues. We were asked to work on being reverent and sitting in their chairs, not talking when the teacher is talking about the lesson and learning to talk when they are asked to. There are 9 little 4 year olds so I can only imagine how wild it can get. We love his teachers. They are husband and wife and just awesome with kids. Jeff and I are finishing up the Teaching the Gospel course and one of the lessons was on this very thing. One of the suggestions on improving your class if you are having difficulties with kids is to talk to their parents. That very day they told me that Gunnar talks to much. No surprise there but we have really been getting on him about this since he starts school in the fall.

Can you believe that I will have a kindergartner in the fall. So crazy. Speaking of crazy...he is driving me nutso. The kid is out of control. He does not understand what keeping your feet off the couch means. It makes the best trampoline he thinks. He usually doesn't jump, he does flips. Lots of them. Drives me nuts. We skyped with my dad yesterday and when we were done, for the heck of it, I noticed Heidi was on so we called her. Gunnar was crazy like usual. Heidi asked me a couple of times what Gunnar was doing. I told her that he was running around somewhere. Again she asked me what he was doing because in the background she could see him on the table jumping up and down trying to reach the light overhead. By the time I turned around he jumped down. Oh brother.

I've been making a list of the things that I would love to eventually do over time to our house. Some are definately longer term like paint the house (really needs to be sooner than later), new windows, new Hardie siding would be awesome some day, granite countertops, one of our bathrooms needs to be updated/redone, and I would LOVE tile in the dining room/hallways. Who seriously puts carpet in a dining area when it is the only place to eat. We don't have a formal dining area to justify that. But there are others things that I would be able to do a little bit at a time that wouldn't break the bank. I would love to repain the purple accent walls in our house a light, fresh blue. Blue is my favorite color and would be a nice change. Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice blue. Our rusty colored walls also need painted over, a wall in our bedroom desperately needs painted over after a vastly painting idea. We would love to get new lighting in the kitchen and dining room and someday a lower pile carpet in the family room. I mentioned to Jeff that I would love to paint our kitchen cabinets white for an update. He totally jumped on board after he gave me the entire speech on how it would take a lot of work and prepping is very important. I know. I read blogs remember. This isn't something that I plan on doing super soon, but the idea is there. So...does anyone have a great white that they like using in their house. There is a whole bunch of other things on my list. I just need to get out of this funk of winter.

I was reading a blog last night about protecting just about everything in case of a fire or what should be done to make it more bearable. Anyway, they were talking about backing up information off site just in case because having it on an external hard drive doesn't really help you if you have a fire. One of the fires started from the dishwasher. Now I always turned my dishwasher on at night because I couldn't stand the noise. Not anymore. That article freaked me out. I never ran my washing machine or dryer at night or when I was gone for that very reason but I never considered the dishwasher. That habit didn't take long to break.

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Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

Derek uses an awesome off-white spray paint on cabinetry. Let us know if you're interested I have him look up the name.

Megan and Greg said...

1st of all, that is Suh-WEET that Breckin is sleeping through the night. What miracles food can provide. I remember once we figured out little Scar was starving and fed her with a bottle, the difference was night and day.

So many goals for the house- holy cow! I would love to paint my house, but that's a ways away. Speaking of backing up, Greg's cousin hadn't backed up there computer in years and it crashed and they lost EVERYTHING. As in every picture of their 2 year old's life. And they don't blog or anything, so they just plain don't have any pictures of him. It kind of gave me a wake up call too, since it's been a year since we backed anything up.

How does a dishwasher start a fire? Isn't that thing splashing water around? I guess during the heating cycle? Scary! Scarlet sleeps on that end of the house. I always run it at the end of the night too!

katy said...

I know what you mean about ejypt. It is so crazy. Sad about the mummies. I thought that same thing when I watched the news. I run everything at night. Now I am going to be paranoid. Gunnars teachers are funny. Maybe I should do that with my 7 year olds. They are crazy. I have 9 of them and they can't stop moving. The more pregnancy hormones I get the less I can handle them. Good thing Natalie is in my ward and she is the primary secretary. Gunnar will be starting school huh? I feel like it was just 2 christmass ago that I had that little picture of gunnar on my fridge and he was just a baby. Time is going so fast lately it is freaking me out. So no, I can't believe it.

HeidiT said...

Ahhh, so it has begun -- meetings with teachers for your child. Had I not been the teacher at his current preschool I am sure this day would have come sooner :)
I used to dream about the things I will do to my house but now I just dream of the day I will be at my house all day dirty, ugly, undecorated - I don't really care as long as I don't have to leave it during the day unless I want to. Your really good at doing little projects during the day so I bet you will get some of those things done.


OK- I'm sorry- but Gunnar's teachers sound a littel anal. They are 4 years old!!!!!! ofcourse they are going to talk and run around and be noisy. My mom always said that the sunbeams should have a 5 minute lesson, and then songs and then games and activities. They are 4 not 40! I can't stand how primary teachers expect these little kids to be adults. All teh work you want to do on your hosue sounds great. I love the white cabnitry. How to pick a white i have no idea- it seems so confusing! So many whites to choose from!! Dish washer- never new that- wierd. That is really sad about Egypt.