Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stinkin' Sippy Spouts

So Brecken is still full on with the sippies thank goodness. He starts moving like crazy and panting with excitement when he sees the sippy cup. It makes me so happy. However, the stinkin' spouts can only be bought online. I can't find them locally anywhere. So I searched my many options...Amazon, retailers, and Ebay. Ebay was my best bet with a particular auction. It was for 3 packages of spouts (2 per package). I won it, paid immediately and all was good. Until they arrived today. Gunnar opened the envelope and pulled out one package. I asked him to look in the envelope for more and he said that was it. WHAT!? I am not really happy right now and wrote the lady to tell her so. What happened to the 2 other packages that were pictured and listed. I told her that I would never, ever pay $7 for 1 package! We'll see what she says and I plan on taking this to the very end. Thank goodness I had two new unopened packages when Gunnar used them. I'm still irritated.

I'm officially done nursing. No more until the next babe. Yesterday I wore my normal size negative AA for the first time. Kind of weird after 6 months of nursing attire. I also get to wear anything I want to now. No more picking through the closet to make sure I can easily feed a baby with it on. I am excited to be able to wear some of my dresses that I haven't been able to for a long time. However I do need to make sure that everything is easily washable. Man he spews more with formula. It is so nasty and formula just stinks. Before I was thinking the spitting up stage was over because he never did. Now I realize I practically starved my child so there was nothing to spit up.

He is a whole new baby. We loved him before and he has always been happy and content but man is he even more so. He is energetic and spastic and funny and silly. Amazing what energy and food does to a person. He is more animated and engaging. We just love this boy. Now if he would just roll over.

One day a week I will be watching Cami as Heidi takes Gunnar. Kind of like a swith a roo for the day while Ren heads back to school for the semester. I am trying to convince Cami to teach Brecken how to roll. We had her for the first time this last week. It should be interesting. While she was still asleep in her carseat, I fed Brecken. As he was nearing the end of the sippy, Cami was waking up. So he went down for his nap and I proceeded to feed and play and hang out with Cami. Right as Ren arrived Brecken woke up and Cami went home. That was just a short day, like 3 hours. I will be watching her for about 6 hours. I am excited to have the two babies hang out and grow up together. It will be fun to see how they interact as they grow more these next few months. Cami is in the needier stages still while Brecken is not so much so it is perfect. Can you imagine raising twins? I always wanted twins. I figured if I had two at once, I would be more than half way to the 3 kids that I wanted. I am not so sure about that anymore. Anyway, back to Camden. We are so excited to be able to watch her and get to know her better.

Does anyone else getting a little down in the winter months. I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but man I get really unmotivated and slightly depressed. I would suspect most people would just a little. I can't wait for the warmer, sunnier weather. It isn't coming fast enough though. Our dog is also going bonkers with fewer interactions outside because it is colder. He decided that he needed to rip more siding off the house in the backyard. You know those houses that you see in a picture with the dog chained to a post and the house totally ghetto and destroyed. We aren't even near that but sometimes it feels that way with the ripped off siding. Diesel has this thing with the automatic sprinkler wiring nailed onto the house. He ripped them off twice before Jeff finally put a railroad tie ontop of them. He decided to dig underneatha nd flip the railroad tie. He was determined and it is driving us nuts. I keep telling myself that we have about another year and a half before he grows up and mostly out of the puppy stage. I can't wait. These are all of the reasons why you tend to see so many dogs up for adoption at about 1.5 years. Because they are mostly crazy. We still love him so much and he too is a goofball. He is so silly.

Life is still moving along. I have several projects that I need to work on and get done. But it's back to the weather. I just don't feel like it most days. Oh ya...getting dark about 6pm is so not cool. It really unmotivates me. Who wants to work on anything when it feels like bedtime. Plus I can't really spray paint in the cold and that is one of the major projects I want to work on. Or maybe I have so many that I need/want to do that I get overwhelmed thinking about it and do nothing. Who knows.

I need lunch. See you later...

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Amber H. said...

So I just wanted to mention, about the spitting up, if he is doing it a lot, you might want to switch to a lacto-free formula, or try one of the other ones that are a little gentler to his stomach. My twins spit up a bunch when I first gave them formula, but then we tried the lacto free, and they almost completely stopped. The formula you are giving him just might be too harsh. Good luck! Ü

HeidiT said...

I'm so grateful for everyone being willing to watch Camden for us. Luckily she's not quite so needy anymore...but not as laid back as Brecken yet, I'm not going to lie -- I fear for your sanity on Mondays because it just might be kind of crazy sometimes with two babies.
That's funny you mentioned the church dress thing because I think it was about into the 2 Sunday that we went with Cami that I realized I could no longer wear dresses.

shellysanford said...

Glad that all is going well. I am so with you on the whole weather thing!