Friday, July 15, 2011

11 Months

Oh man, this is soooo late like so late that my baby had a birthday BUT I still wanted to get some of these things down that he did when he was 11 months old. During this month, we started calling Brecken a bunch of nicknames. Gunnar and I like to call him Breck, Brecks (Gunnar's favorite), Breckster, Breckie, Breckie Boy. We also like to call him Mr. Slurpy. That little boy can slurp town a sippy like nobodies business. Two seconds later and its gone. It makes us laugh.

During this month we took our trip to Bend Oregon. That would have to be his first big trip. It was the first time that he tried a Dorito. He was hooked from there. We had to limit his Cheetos or Doritos because he would go nuts over them. On May 24th he finally went from his tummy to sitting up by himself. This kid is so lazy and totally on his own schedule. He is one content little guy. One week later on May 31st he finally crawled for the first time. He kind of drove me bonkers because he would cry and whine when I would go too far when all he had to do was crawl to me. I love watching babies learn to crawl. It is so slow and unsteady and everything is so deliberate. We would laugh and laugh at the poor kid because he is so top heavy. He would be going along and then BAM! You would hear his head hit the floor. I finally had to tell him to go slow and before we knew it, he would lay his head down really really slowly knowing that he is about to crash.

Other than normal day to day life, Brecken was able to go to the Global Village Festival in Ontario Oregon this year and loved the music. This boy LOVES music. He gets this little head bopping thing going. He is far to wiggly. Changing diapers is an absolute nightmare. Many times I have had to hold his legs down just to get the diaper on. I just love this boy to peaces. By this month he is signing milk, more, eat and sleep (which is so helpful). He says hi and bye freely to people along with waving.

This boy is ridiculously tan! He can easily have 3 continuous layers of sunscreen on and get tan. He is my blondie with blue eyes, tan skin and super chill little guy. His personality is so sweet and he is my cuddler for sure. I am thankful everyday for this sweet little guy in our family.

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Megan and Greg said...

He signs!!!!???? That is AWESOME!!!! I was so gung ho about signing and have sort of dropped the ball. I'm not consistent at all. Are you? That is just soooo cool. Now I'm wishing I wouldn't be so lazy about it.