Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caldwell Bike Park

Little do I know about my own city sometimes. Jeff informed me that they had a mountain bike type track down the road. Since finding that out, we have been twice and Gunnar loves it. Brecken actually sits on the blanket with me and watches intently. Gunnar ends up getting so worn out and incredibly dirty.

I told him one time that he should stand up when he is peddling and he told me it was so scary. He is now starting to get more comfortable on his bike and it won't be long until he is doing crazy stuff. Everyone that goes out is really respectful and it is a very family friendly place. There was a little two year old on training wheels going up and down some of the smaller bumps with help from mom and dad. Gunnar is a strange child. With all of the prodding and encouraging Jeff and I do, it takes his little mind to be made up to do it. This was exactly how potting training was.

Anyway, we will end this on Gunnar's lovely crash:

Afterwards we had Heidi and Ren over for yummy leftovers we had from the night before. Brecken managed to catch himself on this chair and had us laughing. He didn't find it entertaining and he was moving around like crazy so I couldn't get a clear shot on my new camera I haven't figured out.

3 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

The bike park sounds so cool, we'll have to check it out someday. That was hilarious when Brecken got stuck, still can't figure out how that one happened! Nice video taping...maybe remember to turn it off next time, haha.

Megan and Greg said...

Breckin and that chair are hilarious! What a funny pic. That is so cute about Gunnar being afraid of standing and riding. Beautiful last shot.

shellysanford said...

that looks really fun!