Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Love Her Deeply

I love all of my 5 nieces and nephews a lot. They can be a lot of fun to be around and fortunately 4 of those are closer in Gunnar's age so he has a blast. But was has stumped me for the last year. That would be our sweet Cami. I've loved her. Always have but I couldn't really pin down her personality until last week.

I watched her for 4 days straight while Ren's mom went to a conference with his sisters. Heidi had to be to work super early these days so Ren dropped her off around 7:00am. I had lots of time to get to know her and it was consistently for 4 days. I had a blast with the two babies. It was fun! I think what partly made it fun was that Brecken and Cami entertained themselves for quite a while. Brecken is very mobile so he would go along and open up toys or bring them to floor level and she would be right behind enjoying the play.

(Brecken is obsessed with touching her hair)
I also got to know her personality better. She is pretty funny! Usually in bigger settings she has such a focused look on her face but Brecken and I had her smiling (a feat that only Jeff used to be able to do when he came home for lunch). We had music on every day which Brecken loves. One afternoon when Heidi picked her up and took her home, she said Cami started jammin' out a little. Brecken and I have done our job. Brecken has also gotten her to crawl like a big girl! It's awesome and she had to learn if she wanted to keep up with him. Some days had me laughing because he would be making circles around her because he is way more mobile then she is right now.

Another thing that she learned to do was climb our two stairs. Ren and Heidi are in trouble with their huge staircase that they have. She can get up does take her a while but she can do it. But she doesn't know how to get down. The oddest thing since watching her is that Brecken now turns around to go down the stairs. Why? I have no idea. He's always gone head first, using his head as a third arm. I like to think he is trying to be a good example to Camden now. One day Camden completely rolled off the stairs. It scared her pretty bad, I kind of laughed because it was only two stairs and she had to learn somehow. She would always get close before and never attempt it. Well now she has by falling.

This week, Cami quickly arrived for the day with vomit all over her. Poor thing. Heidi had to take her home for the day where she proceeded to be sick. Today Heidi kept her home because now she is sick herself and staying home from work. We sure miss hanging out with Cami this week. Brecken and Cami play so well together and I love it!

I sure love you Camden Kalani!!

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HeidiT said...

I was thinking this week after I wrote my post about not being able to stay at home that at least I am VERY lucky to not have to put Cami in daycare and that she gets to spend everyday being loved and played with by family.
I was also wondering today when she discovered how fun it is to creep to the edge of the stairs upstairs (time for the baby gates I guess!) how in the heck does a child learn to go down ALL of those stairs without falling? At what point can the baby gates come down? It seems like it would take forever to master.

Kimberly said...

So don't judge me, but I really believe that there is a special bond with your sister's kids. I love all 32 of my nieces and nephews but there really is something special about my bonds with MY sister's kids. I don't know what it is.

Megan and Greg said...

Having babies together is the BEST. They are so self entertained. I've only experienced it a couple times myself.

katy said...

She looks like such a sweety. I wish we all lived by each other with all our cute little babies. That would be so much fun. I loved your little guys when they were here. They were too cute.