Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Own Money

We stopped at a yard sale this summer on the way home from the store and Gunnar spotted this huge Little Tikes construction toy and wanted it. It was marked $2! I had run out of money and frankly, I was sick of buying things for him. We put it on hold, drove home and got his money. Walked back because it was so close and bought the truck. The guy also threw in the little red truck for free. Gunnar was so proud of himself for buying it on his own. He kept complaining about it being too heavy but I made him carry it on his own. He also washed the thing shiny clean.

2 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

Wow $2 and it's huge and in great condition! He must have really wanted it because he's not a big spender (except Sonic drinks of course).

shellysanford said...

That is awesome!My kids buy themselves things all the time.