Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hawaii: Part 2

So here we are at day 2. It was Sunday and we were so exhausted! The time change just killed us plus Brecken was not contained in a play pen or anything. He slept on a blanket with Gunnar. That was interesting in itself. Gunnar hated it because Brecken moves around way to much. I would randomly wake up and Brecken would be near the bottom of the blanket, then almost under the bed, then practically on top of Gunnar. It was pretty funny but drove Gunnar nuts.

Really we just wasted the day away. I believe this was the day we decided to walk down to Don Quiote's. It was way down this hill and made for a nice walk. All along the way, Rillz would tell us funny things about how he worked at the library for a short time because of a girl, the police station was right there too or stories about the school we walked by. We also walked by the backside of the house his parent's used to own. I can't quite remember but this may have been the day we searched out Walmart too because I didn't pack Brecken any jammies. Go figure. There had to be something forgotten.

We headed to Ala Moana beach for the first time that afternoon/evening. It was awesome! It was Brecken's first time seeing the ocean and both of their times playing on the beach/ocean. It was fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the sunset was incredible. We had a blast.

Is anyone surprised that this little stinker had to eat before he even checked out the sand or water. We aren't. This kid has a bottomless stomach. Eventually that piece of sandwich ended up being a nasty mush of sandwich and sand.

He had no idea what you should really be doing with sand. He'll learn. He was covered everywhere. We found it in every roll on his body including in his ears and mouth. It was bad.

Gunnar can make friends where ever he goes. He is not shy at all and thrives on friends.
Gunnar is my water boy but Brecken also loved the ocean. As Brecken was crawling everywhere, he went into this huge crater that someone dug and couldn't get back out. I found it funny and just sat on the edge as he toddled around. As I was sitting there, this girl from Nepal, India, somewhere around there came over and started playing with Brecken. She loved it. She was there as a student and lived right in the heart of downtown Honolulu. She was studying hospitality and tourism. Perfect place to be going to school. After graduation she wanted to remain living there. She was fun to talk to .

I just love this boy...

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