Monday, July 30, 2012

A Rundown of Life

Life is one crazy thing after another and this last month was no exception. We celebrated America's Birthday as well as Brecken's 2nd birthday on the same day this month. Paparazzi Accessories has kept me busy and then just plain life and kids keep the days moving quickly.

I was called up to jury duty this month. I had the ability to postpone it for 3 months but then when I looked at the calendar, it will messed with the Paparazzi crazy schedule of the holidays. That was a no go, so July here we come. In the county that I live in, we  report for an entire month. It was so long and I am glad that I am officially over with that. I had to call in after 5pm every single day to see if a selection was scheduled for the next day. Mid month, my number was actually called and I reported the next day. The entire process was so interesting. The trial was a criminal one and the defendant was right there in the room. I had no idea it was like that. There were lots of us, but what they did was call 12 random numbers to sit in the juror box and then call another 35 random numbers to be in the active juror selection process. The others were just extras in the peanut gallery for the time being. I was not initially called into any of the positions. As the process went on and people were excused for one legitimate reason or another (people try really hard to get out of being on a jury), I was called into a jury position and got to sit on the jury stand for extended questioning with all of the others from both the prosecution and defense. The trial was going to be held the next day and was scheduled to be over and done with that one day. I was really hoping I would have been picked. I had the time the next day and would have loved to see how it works from that perspective. The defendant was accused of sexual battery on a minor under the age of 18. From what I gathered, the girl was around 16 or 17 years old. It would have been interesting. This entire month, I was so nervous about jury duty and when it would strike because I have been scheduled to have a Paparazzi booth with two other team members of mine at the county fair in town. I would have felt so bad if they had to take on the bulk of the work because I was tied up in some trial. I have a feeling I would have been able to plead my case to the judge given that the fair is something that I have committed and paid for months in advance. I made my last phone call into the jury commission today with no trial scheduled for tomorrow and it feels so good. Next month I have two fairs to do and don't have the time to worry about jury selection.

So on to the fair. The county fair here is 4 days long with set up the day before. There were 3 of us going in together to make it happen. We split up everything 3 ways...inventory, contacts, money, and schedule.  It took us 5 hours to set up and 3.5 hours to tear down. We had a little over 1500 items here.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Worth it though. Thursday afternoon I took the kiddos around the fair before I had to work at night. Friday Jeff came with the boys and had more fun. I'm just glad that is over and look forward to setting up for the next 4 day fair and then preparing for a 10 day state fair! After that September keeps moving forward with a couple events, a vacation, not to mention Gunnar is in full school mode at this point. Then the rest of the year gets fun busy with the holidays and Paparazzi. I always forget that I really am a working mom. The best part is that I get to pick my own schedule and decide when I want to work for the most part. Best job ever! Wanna join my team? Let me know... haha

 My kids are nutso. Brecken is full on 2 year old. Gunnar didn't go through his naughty stage until he was about 3. He was an awesome, calm two year old. Brecken not so much. Part of it is that he has to constantly defend himself against Gunnar and picks up on so many of the not so great things Gunnar teaches him. Brecken really is a fun little guy and really his tantrums are hilarious because he is just a 2 year old. He is mostly happy, seriously hilarious, incredibly laid Hawaiian style laid back, he tans with the best of us, is still a solid little guy, LOVES music, is such a great eater and loves his cousin "caw" (Cami). Like really loves her, like asks about her everyday and wakes up so happy on the days that I watch her each week. Oh, and he loves babies. Anybody's baby. Just loves them. He is also scared of the neighbors lawnmower when they are mowing. He is not a fan of many people like his doctor or the dentist, which stinks because it makes those visits miserable. He is still my cuddly boy but very busy.

One morning I was in the office doing something and Brecken walked in with a full bowl of rice Chex. I thought Gunnar got them for him and thought he new not to put so many in there. Lots of minutes went by and eventually I went into the dining room and found a huge mess! Brecken got up on the table, got the box down himself, ripped open the packaging and filled the bowl himself. He was so proud and I was not a fan of the mess. However, I was SO glad that he decided not to try and pour milk in that bowl himself. We just love this boy to pieces.

Gunnar on the other hand is seriously a miserable 6 year old most days. He is driving me crazy and summer can not get over soon enough. He needs school and something to keep him completely occupied. He is in this stage where he is bossy and does mean things to Brecken for no reason at all. He gets so bent out of shape so quickly. He tests boundaries like the best of them. He is still a very funny kid and can be really sweet but the other Gunnar usually takes over. He is in a stinker stage and I am so over it. Thankfully, I have friends that have 6 year olds too and they are working through the exact same stuff we are.  So we swap stories and pretty much laugh at it all.

It's getting late, I am tired and still recovering from the fair and hungry. Looking at those Chex on the table are making me hungry for them...

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HeidiT said...

Oh, I just love your crazy boys! That bowl of chex is better than what I pictured when you told me the story, the second picture is even better though,haha.
Paparazzi is doing do well, yeah!