Thursday, November 1, 2012

Canning Smanning

I was so determined to can apple pie filling because it was so good last time and I ran out a while ago from my last canning craziness. Honestly, I hate canning. It is a l.o.n.g. drawn out process that seems to never end.  The kitchen is an entire mess and I fear constantly I am doing it wrong. I have no desire to can large amounts of anything else. I did do tomatoes a couple of years ago and really liked that and it was easy but really, find me an awesome rock bottom sale at the store and I will stock up instead of can.

I had one jar of pie filling seriously for so long. It was my token jar. I could not bring myself to use it for whatever reason. I eventually did but I wanted more. We don't use this other than for apple crisp and we don't eat that all the time so it lasts quite a while. I was able to buy 40lb of apples from the Church Orchard nearby for $15 something. Sadly many went to waste because I wasted time getting to them.

Jeff told me this is why people can with family members or make it fun. He is probably right.

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HeidiT said...

I like Jeff's theory, I think it would be more of a motivator. Mom had so many tomatoes this year that I kept thinking I should can...and then I remembered I have never canned a thing in my life.
Looks delicious, you'll be happy you did it when you go to make cobbler!

Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

I can but I have the same opinion as you especially the day I actually do it. Good job on your pie filling, you rock. It's definitely true after it's all said and done that it's worth it. Good idea to can with someone else, I'm sure it's way more fun.

Jess said...

Yeah canning with someone MUCH better. it is a lot of work and for sure the best part of it all is standing back after it's all done and looking at the pretty FILLED jars. :)