Monday, February 4, 2008

Holy Snowly!

All weekend the news station kept warning that a huge storm would be coming through the Treasure Valley. It was to last from 5pm Saturday night to 11am Sunday morning. It started right around 5pm like clockwork. Saturday night, Jeff and I were talking about how church is never cancelled. It just never happens. I told him about my friend, Kimberly in WA, and how church was cancelled for them a couple of weeks ago.

So it kepts snowing through the night like predicted. Jeff is the Elder's Quorum President in our ward so at about 8am, he activated the committees in the quorum to start a snow shoveling effort. At about 11am (it was still snowing pretty good), he quickly came home to give me the phone and told me to start calling my Visiting Teaching ladies because church was cancelled. The Stake President decided that it was just too snowy to go out. Jeff was then back out shoveling snow. Caldwell tends to see a lot more snow than the Boise area. In some parts of Caldwell, we can get some pretty big snowdrifts. We go to church at 1pm, so Sunday morning I spent a couple of hours finalizing my combined YW lesson for the fast Sunday. Right when I was done, that was when Jeff swung by. I guess I have an extra week to work more on it if I wanted to. At about 1pm, the sun was already out and the conditions were drastically changing. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday. Today the sky is blue and the temperature is actually pretty nice. Winter has such crazy weather.
My Mockorange bush. The snow was kind of wet and heavy, so I really liked how it appeared on this bush.

2 clever remarks:

Brittney Josoff said...

I can't believe they cancelled church!! Wimps! LOL

mandbrid said...

Ours was cancelled too! It was awesome...