Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Girl ABC Album

I just finished one of my smaller 8x8 ABC albums. I really love how it turned out. It really is so random yet goes all together in the end. It turned out really fun and bright. I made one of these before Gunnar was born and unfortunately it did not sell. I was so bummed. But when Gunnar came along, I was so glad to have it. It has been so helpful in recording everything important about him. It looks awesome with pictures and all of the blanks filled in. And the best part was that it was already made by me. I actually prefer the smaller size but the larger ones sell better. I hope to make a baby boy one next and then hopefully one that works for both.

3 clever remarks:

Camille said...

I love your albums! They are so cute.

Shelley said...

Love it! I think 8x8 is so much quicker and easier to do than 12x12.

CraftyC said...

That is so cute!!