Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gunnar goes to the Dentist!

We found a new dentist in town, closer to home, that I think that we are going to really like. He is young, like Jeff's age. Gunnar had his first ever appointment yesterday. He went in for 1/2 hour for his "Happy Visit" as they call them. Just a time to get acquainted with the place. He did so well! No fear for Gunnar except when the hygienist raised the chair incredibly high and he freaked out. Other than that he was a champ! Really I had no idea the chair went that high. It was about table height. We were able to meet with the dentist and he was able to do a child exam. He checked out his little teeth and gums.

Gunnar was pointing to the picture of a horse on the wall. The chair also faces a road and he kept pointing out the cars that went by (he is a little obsessed with cars in general right now).
Amber the hygienist trying to nicely get the new toothbrush from Gunnar to help him brush his teeth. He is actually really good at doing it at home. When I try to brush his back teeth, he laughs because it tickles. She was so incredibly nice. She showed him the light, the mirror to look in his mouth (he thought that he was supposed to put his mouth around it and eat it), and all of the suction, polisher, air/water type tools. He even got to smell the raspberry gritty toothpaste that they use.
Gunnar with his new toothbrush.
Amber blew up a glove as a balloon. Gunnar really liked that. He also got a car from the Treasure Chest. On the way out, there were three old people in the waiting room. Gunnar shared his 'balloon' with all of them. They loved it. He then said "Buh Bye" to all of them and we were gone.
We'll be back in another six months.

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Heidi said...

I knew he'ld do great,that kid just loves toothbrushes!

mandbrid said...

WOW - you're on top of things. None of my kids have been to the dentist yet. Whoops! It's awesome that they have such a great little program to introduce kiddos to the dentist.

Shelley said...

What a trooper! He looked like a little man in that big chair. Too cute!

Bigtex_in_idaho said...

Looks like Gunner had a blast! How fun.

Dee Dee said...

Too cute. Happy he did so well. It gives me hope. lol