Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Shower Gifts

The last couple of nights I have been a little sewing monster making homemade burp cloths. I remember when I first had Gunnar and would have loved to be able to make my own. I thought that I hit the jackpot when I found a yard sale of twins stuff. This lady had everything for a boy and a girl and some of what she had were the nice large handmade burp clothes. I think that I bought them all. Now I have a sewing machine and can make them. We have about 10 babies due up to August (that I know of so far) in our ward at church. I know pretty much all of them pretty good. So thus their baby gifts, my burp clothes. They are cheap and easy to make and so useful. You can never have enough.
These were the 5 fabrics that I used. Two baby food jars and the one paisley shown will be for the auction.

This Thursday we are having a Relief Society Service Auction. Honestly I have no idea how they work but I made three neutral looking burp clothes for it. I figured why not make a bunch while I am at it. So I made 11 at this sitting. I have yet to make any real girly ones but have the cute flannel.

3 clever remarks:

Shelley said...

they are adorable. I wish I knew what to use a sewing machine. My Mom taught me a few times, but I never learned.

Dee Dee said...

Such a lovely idea. I wish someone had made me some. :)

plush toys said...

Awesome collection. It looks really great. Baby was very cute..