Sunday, March 2, 2008


If this in fact is really my journal so to speak, I better make sure that I write things down for the future. This was one such incident.

Wednesday my dad and I with Gunnar went refrigerator shopping for pretty much the entire day. We went everywhere. My sister just finished building a house right next to my parents, so they offered to sell her their fridge. They hated the day that they brought it home. What better time to get a new one (the one they bought pictured to the left). So thus the reason for shopping. While we were in Boise, we went to Dillards in the mall. They can have awesome sales. That is really the only time to buy there. We ended up finding Gunnar 2 pair of Merrell's Jungle Mocs, black and brown, and the best part was, they were only $5 by the time they were steeply discounted. It was awesome! We also found him a little Pendleton shirt and then another church shirt, also for $5/shirt. Grandpa will be giving them to Gunnar for his birthday.

So I didn't really think that he cared much for the entire experience until that night. I had Young Womens for church so Jeff was over at my parents for the evening. My sister had walked over to her house to check on something. (They live with my parents and will be closing on their house this week). Gunnar was on my parents patio watching Heidi over at her house. He was yelling something about shoes to her. She told him to wait. That he needed shoes to walk to her but she would be headed back soon anyway. Again he repeated was he was saying. This time she could clearly understand him. He slowly said, "I GOT SHOES!" So funny. He must have been thrilled to get new shoes. Who knew.

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