Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Hula Performance

On Thursday my sister got a phone call from our hula instructor asking us if we could perform at the Hawaiian resturaunt in town the next day. She just got back from Hawaii Wednesday and got the call then. So she really didn't know ahead of time either. The nice girls that we are said that we all could. The place is not overly big, so really there just needed to be a few of us. It was the three of us, another girl in our group and Tasha (the instructor). The thing will Hawaiians is that we are all family. Really we act like it too. So doing this was no big deal. We have known Tasha and her family for lots of years now. Hawaiians also call each other aunties and uncles. That is just the way that it is. So anyway, this restaraunt is fairly new in town. Some people we know opened it. They are like Jeff's age and great. It actually started as a catering business and evolved into both. The place is called Ono's (means 1 in hawaiian) and it has Aloha Friday every week. Someone will come in and dance and/or place instruments. We were the show for this week. I was a little nervous at first. Not sure what to expect. We were going to be dancing in the walkways of the place. Right there next to the tables. Kind of like a Mexican mariachi band sort of thing. I had TONS of fun. It was so informal and relaxed. We had to stand clear of servers and passing patrons. It was great. People would either stare at you, or pretend to ignore you, or talk to you while you danced. This one table that was hilarious, thought that the three of us were triplets. We told them that we were not. They were then pretty sure that Heidi and I just had to be twins. Nope. They were great. Sorry no pictures. My entire family went to supports us but Jeff failed to take the camera in. That's all right. While I danced, Gunnar kept yelling, "MOM" and the entire restaraunt would laugh. It was pretty funny. Afterwards we got to eat some really yummy food. It was so great and a really fun night. We will probably be doing it about once a month, rotating amongst the others in the group.

3 clever remarks:

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for you! You are definitely more outgoing than I am...I couldn't do something SO public! I love that Gunnar was yelling to you the whole time. LOL!

Camille said...

Sounds fun Kristi, I would love to check out the restaurant. Where is it located?

Shelley said...

FUN! you should do it more often and take some photos next time. :)