Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gunnar and his Great-Great Uncle Dale

Monday, Jeff decided that it would be a good idea to visit Dale in the assisted living not too far from us. What a great family home evening idea. We were not sure how he would take it having a busy toddler running around. Jeff said that he can get a little grumpy sometimes. It was really fun talking to him. He was in the Air Force and as a result became a POW. He spent a lot of time in not the best circumstances in Japan. He was on a Japanese boat that was bombed by the US that did not know Americans were on it. He saw a lot and experienced a lot of really bad things. He later marrried and has one daughter that lives in California. We love Patty (his daughter) and her family a lot. The entire time that we visited, he thought that he was living on a military base and worked as a paper pusher there. He refered to the cooks there as military cooks. He also thought that there was a strike by the "military" residents against the employees because they expected food for free and needed to pay for it. He also thought that his older sister Arvilla (Jeff's grandma) was alive and lived in California near the coast. He was really referring to his daughter. He also thought that he recognized me from somewhere. I figured it was because I was married to Jeff but he asked me if we went to school together. I told him that I was pretty darn sure that we did not and it was not from there. It was fun to be there but made me realize that getting old can be tough. Gunnar was being pretty good. Dale even mentioned that he was surprised that he was having a pretty good day and not grumpy. That was kind of funny hearing that from him.
When we were leaving, Dale grabbed Gunnar's hands and Gunnar of course lifted his legs off the ground. Jeff and I were so worried that he would tip over and we would have a bigger problem on our hands. Dale lowered him to the ground and proceeded to pedal his legs back and forth. Gunnar found that pretty fun.

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