Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

Today my sister turned 26 years old! We had a great little get together at her house tonight. I just love my family so much and especially my sisters. All of my siblings (there are 4 of us) and I are only 5 years apart but she was the closest in age to me. We had a lot of fun growing up together and seeing each other through the years at school. When I was in 1st grade and she was in afternoon kindergarten, she used to find my bike and park her bike right by mine. She just wanted to be like me. Who could blame her. ;) I am so thrilled that she decided to stick around, marry a local boy and build a house next to my parents. That means she is about 8 minutes away from me and she is staying. I love that I have been able to take hula with both of my sisters. That means that there is one day a week that I am guaranteed to see them. I just love being so close to them in both age and distance. They mean the world to me!

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

I have two sisters and we are all really close too. I'm jealous though! I wish mine lived as close to me as you do to yours!