Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Soon he'll be two

Gunnar's birthday is Monday but we are having a party for him Saturday. He will be two. Can you believe it? Well I can't. He is so full of life and we love him so much. I thought that I would put a picture of his invitation on here. He is SO obsessed with Cars right now. So the invite was perfect. When I picked them up at the photo center and showed him, he had to have a copy to carry around. I made it the size of a normal 4x6 photo through Digital Image Pro. I did this for his birth announcement and 1st Birthday invite. It is so cheap to do and I love how they turn out.
**So a couple of people asked me about the website that I did these on. It is actually photo editing software that I have on the computer. No website here.**

2 clever remarks:

mandbrid said...

These are super cute! Do you have a link to that website? I'd like to think that I'll have energy to make birth anouncements soon...but it's probably wishful thinking! This looks do-able.

Camille said...

Cute invitation. Happy Birthday Gunner!