Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bits of Randomness

The other day I had $8 in cash saved for a zoo trip that Gunnar and I were taking. Gunnar was playing in my purse the day before and I noticed that I did not have any cash in there. Where could it have gone. I checked all of my jeans and nothing. That day, I had grabbed a pair of pants that I had recently worn and decided that I wanted to donate them. All that I could think of was that the money was in them and boy will that person be surprised when they reach in the pockets. The past couple of days have been really cold so I grabbed for my jacket yesterday. What did I discover in the $8 in cash. Boy was I elated to discover that it is still mine.

Jeff and I were watching TV last night and a joke on a late night show was something about a web address. The person kept mentioning www... and then finally somewhere in there said World Wide Web. Jeff turned to me and said, "that is what that means. I never knew was www meant." I completely busted up laughing and informed him that I have known what that meant for like 10+ years. Pretty funny.

2 clever remarks:

Camille said...

Oh poor Jeff! What a hoot.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Ok, I was seriously laughing out loud that he didn't know what that meant! I have known since about 7th grade, which was a LOOOONG time ago! And I love finding money in pockets where you don't expect it! I'm glad you got it back :o)