Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Fathers & Sons

Gunnar and Jeff headed up to Crouch, Idaho for their 1st Father's & Sons outing. Our ward rented a fantastic camp with bunkhouses and a huge lodge with a commercial size kitchen. We had girls camp here last year and loved it. Anyway... Jeff and Gunnar had a great time. They rode up with someone else in the ward. Thursday I happen to stumble across a Bob the Builder little kid sleeping bag for $2! I was so excited to show Gunnar. He was beside himself. He was in love with the bag. So Friday night, Jeff got his sleeping bag ready, put a thinner fleece CARS sleeping bag inside of that and then his blanket. Jeff said that he was in bed and asleep so fast. Jeff shut the door and went back to the campfire for the rest of the night. Gunnar woke up around 6am and never woke up the entire night.
Got to love Jeff. He is so not the best at taking pictures and I am actually just shocked that he remembered that I packed the camera for him to do just that. Just about every one of them was blurry. Some of them are salvagable.
They were able to get a little hike in before they left. Jeff said that Gunnar was getting quite tired and wanted carried. Do you blame them. They walked for about an hour.
On the way home, they drove past the Lucky Peak Dam. Every spring they let a lot of the water out and this is what you see.
I have yet to see it in person but footage of what I have seen makes it very impressive looking. I believe they call it a roosters tail.
They had such a fun time spending time together. I am glad that they were able to go.

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Camille said...

Thee make it out to seem like Fathers and sons is all about the dads and their boys, but I bet somewhere way back in the beginning it was a suggestion by a tired wife and mother... "Why don't you take all the boys on a campout?" hehe. I'm glad it worked. I LOVE fathers and sons!