Saturday, May 24, 2008

Girls Weekend

So Jeff and Gunnar were gone so what do we do...have a girls weekend. My mom and sisters had a blast! I love spending time with all of them. It was also a nice break from the boys in the family. We went to Smoky Mountain Pizza for dinner and then shopping! My mom gave all of us girls money to spend on anything we wanted. I needed summer shirts so badly and badly is being conservatively. I am also talking cute shirts, not around the house-garden type ones. We tried to hit as many places we could before they closed and worked extra hard at deciding if something was what we wanted to spend our money on. Mindy took her camera, but of course we are not good at remembering that we have it. I ended up with 2 shirts and a dress with money left over. I will probably hit a couple more stores next week.
Last night I spent the night at my moms because Mindy was and then this morning we all headed to hula.
I am so blessed with such a great family. For 2 fantastic sisters who I love so much. Recently we have been getting comments from strangers asking if we are triplets. At Smoky Mountain the table next to us kept looking at us and then whispering about us. Heidi was sure it was about being triplets. We don't see it but others seem to.
I am also blessed with a super great mom. She has always been there for us since we were born. Making her family first priority. She is so much fun to hang out with too. The more and more we are all together, we are starting to realize that some of the things my mom does are rubbing off on us. The things that we teased her about.
Thanks for such a great night! I loved it!

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Camille said...

I must admit, in some of the pictures I thought I was looking at you, but it was really one of your sisters!