Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gunnar's First Invite

Gunnar was invited to his first party for his friend Rainy last Tuesday. These guys have known each other their entire two years. He can now say her name...Raingy. Like her name, it rained on her outdoor park party and forced it to be in the church. We had a lot of fun. Rainy is really into Monsters Inc. right now so Emily (her mom) had this amazing cake done up for her. Everything was fantastic.Unfortunately I did not get any good pictures of Rainy. She constantly moved making the pictures really blurry. Sorry Emily. I do love the pictures I got of Gunnar. They really show his silly personality.
Gunnar really liked his goodie to-go box. As you can see he is pretty stoked about it.
Thanks for a great party Hemmings and Happy Birthday Rainy!

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Brittney Josoff said...

Well haven't you just been busy! Isn't staying home with your little ones fun!?
You've gotten some really fun picts!