Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow

Our garden has been doing so well. I am just incredibly excited to see it all fully grown up and producing. I was talking to Mindy about 4 days after we planted everything telling her that nothing has sprouted. I was getting a little bummed and anxious to see if anything worked. She did the math and reminded me that it had not yet been a week. Ooops. It had already felt like forever since I planted. About 7 or so days later things started happening. One sunflower showed itself and then it quickly went from there. For some reason we did only get about 3 sunflower sprouts but that was the only thing that performed poorly overall. We planted 4 tomato plants of different varieties. We planted about 80% of the plants like you are supposed to so that about the top 2 sets of leaves were showing out of the ground. Look at how well these guys are doing now. I am so excited to see how many tomatoes we get from these.I planted spinach as well and honestly, I had no idea what it looked like as a baby. I only knew what it looked like from the packages in the stores. Can't wait to see what it looks like at each stage as it grows. I better read up on it so I know when to harvest and how. We also planted bell peppers. Jeff loves these things. Two are green and then the other is purple. I have never heard of purple nor have seen one. The picture shows the inside of the pepper as green and the outside is this gorgeous eggplant color. Can't wait to see it. We are also afraid that they may be a little stunted because they were planted and then it got a little cold. We planted to mounds of zucchini. This is one mound that I will thinning to three plants. They look so good. We will have zucchini for all when these produce. These are really fun to watch because they change everyday. We also planted cucumbers. I need to also thin these when they get a little bigger. We plan to attach fencing panels across an old clothesline they are planted between and train them to go up. It will save us space in the garden and look neat.
I was not able to get a picture of the pumpkins because my batteries died but they are in the far back part of the garden and doing really well. We also have my raspberry starts that are doing alright. Some of them did not make it and others did. I posted on craigslist that I was looking for raspberry starts. There was no way that I was going to buy them when I know how easy it is to get them for free. Someone replied to my ad and I got a thornless variety for free and already dug up for me. It was great. My asparagus is also doing great. We won't expect anything from them for a year or two.
Everything is doing so well. I am so excited. The worms love our garden. At night when I shine a light on the garden, there are hundreds of worms trying to find an escape. I really found this out by accident because I was getting the dogs out of their kennel and really wanted to see what has changed in the garden. The worms are crazy. Lots of worms is a really good thing.
I have told my mom and sisters and really good friends that they should expect some of our harvest because I have a feeling we will have a lot.

4 clever remarks:

Camille said...

Wow! My garden doesn't look like this! :(

Brittney Josoff said...

Hey, You just let me know when you need to get rid of stuff and I'll be the 1st on the list!! Your garden looks fabulous!!

Robert and Hannah said...

You are doing so good, I haven't even gotten our garden started yet!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I love gardens! Fresh herbs are my favorite to use in my cooking. I hope it keeps growing great for you! It looks like you had a great Memorial Day also. I still need to post about ours! I've been slacking a little on my blog lately!