Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Memorial Day

Our day was filled with a lot of cleaning and yard work but in the afternoon we decided to go out to the Star Cemetary and visit Jeff's dad. He died 4 years ago, very suddenly on a jobsite in the morning. He had problems for years when they found a small hole in his heart and he had surgery to fix it. He was a young 54 years old. Jeff was 26 years old when it happened. His other brother was about 23 years old and Jesse was 17. It was rough and completely unexpected. It happened January 14th, exactly one month after his birthday. I loved being with him so much. He was such a great person. One can never say enough about him. He was the nicest guy ever. He had so much patience, it was unbelievable. I always called him Jeff the Dad because my Jeff has the exact same name hence Jeffry James Miller II. Jeff looks just like his dad and Gunnar looks just like them with a teeny tiny bit of me in therer. He was a really hard worker and never seemed to stop. Everybody liked him. On the day of the funeral, the entire chapel and gym were packed full of people. Some had to stand because there was not any room left. That meant so much to the family and it was amazing to see how many people he had touched in one way or the other. He owned his own tile business, so Jeff learned all of his tricks and skills from his dad. Jeff loved the times that he was able to spend and work with his dad and thankfully he was able to do that right up until he passed away. The last job that they did together was in the Boise Idaho Temple. We wanted to take Gunnar out there so that he could see where his other grandpa is. It started to rain the closer we got. It was not too bad when we got out of the car and then suddenly it just poored. It was bad and we were all very soaked. We were still able to get some pictures. Jeff's little brother is also buried out there. He would have been 25 years old this year. He died of SIDS when we was almost 2 months old. Jeff was 5 when it happened and remembers the entire thing. He has this cute little headstone with one of those covers in the center with his picture underneath.
Jeff also has lots of other family buried here. His grandpa and great-grandparents are here. I was able to get pictures of their headstones as well.
Gunnar was wet and he was checking out his hair to see what happened. He was even covered by a blanket. Overall we had a great day and were really happy that we made it out there.

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Camille said...

This is just lovely. I'm sorry to hear about Jeff's dad and brother.

Brittney Josoff said...

That was so nice! It is hard to help them understand sometimes and for them to be able to visit their grave helps them put it into perspective! We have had to do this with John's mom also! I love the head stone, the bench is SO cool! It is nice that the graves are all in the same cemetery! Makes things easier! The rain was nuts, You guys were brave!!