Monday, July 28, 2008

Canyon County Fair & Festival

Thursday, Gunnar and I headed for the County Fair down the road from our house. We were planning on going with Shelly and her kids but plans changed so we went by ourselves. The only reason that I decided to take Gunnar was that a ride wristband for kids 10 and under was only $5.00 from 2pm-5pm. On top of that, Gunnar was free and I was only $4.00 to get in. Talk about cheap entertainment. I like to think that we had fun. From the looks on Gunnar's face, one can never tell. He is the most serious, focused little boy in new situations. He doesn't get scared at all...just serious. I could not get him to smile at all. I tried everything. We were able to go on 8 rides within a little over an hours worth of time. There were essentially no lines which was awesome. We went on a couple of them twice but Gunnar seemed to like them all. He really wanted to go on the little kid roaller coaster which of course was way out of his height range. That was really the only time that I saw a lot of emotion. He did go on this little transportation track that he really liked. The little boy in the drivers seat was turning around making him laugh. That was the only time that I saw him really smile. The last thing that we did was the carousel. Let me tell you, they are not made for adults. They made me dizzy. It was still fun. I started Gunnar off on the little stationary horses. I was taking pictures of him and took this:I was so sick of him not smiling, I finally told him to smile and show me teeth. He did this:I had two parents behind me just bust up laughing because it really was funny. We went on the carousel twice. The second time Gunnar was on a horse that moved. I decided to join him. It was a lot of fun.
We also checked out this tank type thing for Papa. Gunnar was able to crawl all over inside of it. I didn't think he was even looking up in this picture. I was really surprised later when I saw that he was. We also checked out a Hummer.

Gunnar loves cows. Not sure what it is, but he loves going in the cow barns. This girl was laying on a baby cow and told us that we could pet it because it was extremely friendly. The thing was Gunnar was more into looking than petting. She also gave Gunnar the sucker that you see in some of the pictures. She was a very nice little girl and was so good with Gunnar.
This was such a fun thing to do. I had a lot of fun spending time with Gunnar. He has become such a big boy. It was such a proud mommy moment to see him going on those rides all by himself. He is getting so big and independant. This will be something we plan on doing next year for sure. And the great part is, he will still be free!

2 clever remarks:

Dee Dee said...

He sure loves to drive! Cute pics. :)

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, that smile pictures just busted me up! That is the funniest thing I've seen in s while.