Monday, July 28, 2008

Ward Campout

Friday afternoon we headed for our ward campout at Camp Glenwood near Garden Valley, Idaho. I love this place. I remember having a family reunion there as a kid and then girls camp last year there. It is so pretty up there with all of the modern conveniences. It has showers, toilets and a commercial size kitchen. The bunkhouses even have electricity with an inside and porch light and outlets. I just love it. We shared a bunkhouse with Shelly and her family. The bunkhouses and sleep about 21 people, so there was lots of room. Unfortunately, my camera died when we first got there. I was showing Shelly our fair pictures. What a scrappers worst nightmare. Thankfully she took some that she will be sending me. Gunnar had so much fun and the turn out was great. Gunnar was beat and dirty by the end of it. When we got home, I hurridly charged my batteries and took this picture. The red is licorce mixed with dirt that he had on the way home. He is just so darn cute here.

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Orton Family said...

He is sooo darn cute! It was really fun to see how much Gunnar loved it up there - the campfire, the swings, all that running around space! It was great to be there with your family! Good luck with the camera - ours died last week :( - so we are down to just phone pictures which aren't that great! Have a great week Millers!

Dee Dee said...

I was wondering what the red was on his face. Made me giggle.

You're so right about no camera being a scrapper's worst nightmare. that just made me laugh.

The Woods said...

What a cute little face. I love it when they get all dirty like that.