Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Computer is Nutso!!

Where is my dad when I need him...oh ya, miles and miles away. The other day our computer went nutso and so since my dad is gone I had to pay someone for the first time to fix it. I thought that it was a virus but it turned out to be a semi-maliscious adware or spyware (or both) problem. It was bad enough that it kept my computer from doing anything. That happened Friday and we got it back yesterday. We then couldn't get on the internet and found out that the network card went wacko. I was so mad and frustrated and I can't stand when things like this go bad because I don't know enough about fixing it. So it comes down to having a love hate relationship with the computer. When it is working fine, I love it but when something goes wrong, I would rather beat the thing to pieces. Anyway, this is why I have not been around for some time. I wish that it was because I as on vacation or somewhere doing something fun.

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

You should go to and download their software. My brother in law (who is totally a computer guy) told us about it and we installed it. It lets you know automatically if there is anything dangerous added onto your computer...viruses, adware, mallware, etc. It runs all the time, but you can schedule it to do a maintenance check every week or so also. You have to re-register with them every year, but it's free and totally worth it. Good luck and I'm sorry!

Camille said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I'm the same way. I know enough just to get really annoyed when it's something I can't fix. I recently bought a web cam and after going back and fourth for 3 days with tech support I finally had to return the camera because it was defective! Now I'm waiting on a replacement... and hopeful that it will install quickly and easily this next time..

Scrapmymemories said...

Oh I am sorry you have been offline!!! My Laptop went silly a few months back I needed a whole new motherboard put in! That was a week of hell!!!

your back now though so welcome back!