Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Look at my garden grow!

Wow! I didn't realize that it has been some time since I last posted. Summer has not been too incredibly busy but obviously enough to post something new.

A couple days straight I was out in my garden weeding and started noticing lovely miracles. We are actually getting vegetables on these plants and boy is it exciting. It just makes me so happy. I feel like I actually know what I am doing. I have always loved being with plants, knowing what they are and that includes botanical names. In high school, for a summer, I worked at a local plant nursery. I loved it and I was so good at naming the botanical names of things. Some of that has disappeared. Bummer. Anyway, so it completely helps that our dirt is so good and soft. It has been so easy to work with. Any one that knows me really well will laugh at that. My mom and I used to envy this huge compost pile on the way to Rexburg. It was huge and the compost was a gorgeous black color. A company was selling it. Great dirt is the secret. Anyway, off the topic of dirt and back to the garden...

We have posts that previously lived as a clothesline. We are so genius and turned them into trellises for the climbing vegetables. This greatly helps in maximizing space and just looks cool. I bought a ranch panel last week and Jeff installed these beauties. Don't they look cool? When I read that cucumbers can go up, that is what we did. These plants are actually slightly bigger as I write. They are starting to really take hold of the fencing. And they have little blooms on them too. Yeah!

These are my yellow straight neck squash. And yes the poor plant on the end needs water. It was in the 100's when I took these and I wanted to finish weeding for the day before I turned on the water. They are much better now. These guys are doing so great. I couldn't be more excited.

We will have squash in no time at all for us, my sisters, my mom, my neighbors...

These zhuccini plants are HUGE! And yes they need a little water. I am really excited to make all the bread I can. and yes we will get it, as well as my mom, sisters, friends, neighbors, neighborhood dogs... I will have to stay on top of these guys.

They too have these cute little blossoms.

This spring the weather was hot then would go pretty cold, then hot then cold, etc. My peppers were struggling. We were worried that they would be stunted because of it. I bought 3 more plants (one died before i planted it) to make up the difference and planted them a couple of days ago. I really think that the older plants pulled through and will be fine. They are getting bigger day by day.

We even have a cute little green pepper emerging. Isn't he cute? One of the new plants that I bought is orange. So now I have green, purple and orange bell pepppers. Can't wait to see these guys.

I have 4 tomato plants that are really big. The one on the front left produces the smaller salad tomatoes. He just looks so much smaller in this picture. I wish I could have gotten a picture that really showed their size. They are quite large. I am so proud of these guys. I have tried to grow a tomato plant here and there in the past and they never worked out. We have LOTS of little babies on these plants too. We are really excited.
The trellis on the other end of the garden houses our pea plants. I think that we planted them too late and now it is getting quite hot. Despite the weather they are trying to pull through the best that they know how. We are starting to get lots of peas and I really forgot what they tasted like straight from the vine. They are SO good.
Those straggly things next to the peas are sunflowers. I planted an entire row and 4 measly plants shot up. These are supposed to be the over the top huge ones. Yeah right!
As you can see in the top picture I learned my lesson on garden space. I could have arranged things so much better to maxamize my space. It will be bigger and better next year. Oh yeah, we do have 4 pumpkin plants in the further most part of the garden. I forgot to get a picture of them and boy are they taking off and filling in space. I am super excited about them if they work out.
This has all been normal watering. Can you imagine if I used Miracle Grow!

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ahalversen (DBA) said...

Your garden looks great! I LOVE fresh tomatoes from the garden...they are absolutely my favorite thing ever! Also, if you want to eat something yummy, take those squash blossoms, stuff them with cream cheese and fry them up for a few minutes...yummy! I love snap peas too. I'm jealous! Hey, did you ever get that garden scrapbook paper? I've been wondering!

Camille said...

I am soooo jealous. :) WE have crappy dirt. Can I just blame it on that?

Cindy said...

What a gorgeous garden you have! I haven't had a garden in aeons. I would love to get one going again one of these days. Thanks for sharing --I'm dreaming of all the yummy veggies you'll be enjoying.