Monday, July 21, 2008

Out of Contril Hair

Our dog's fur is out of control. It is everywhere and never ending. Thankfully the days and nights are warm, so they have been outside pretty much all of the time right now. Their hair is still everywhere outside. Jeff decided to brush Rusty and Gunnar wanted to help. He loves his dogs. We bought the Furminator a while back and this thing just keeps the hair coming. It never seems to end. Jeff just brushed the tip of the iceburg off of this dog.

2 clever remarks:

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Yes, I love dogs, but I hate the undercoat thing. That is why we LOVED our maltese. No shedding! They have hair, not fur, so they shed like a human, and you never have that endless hair problem. We used to have a cocker spaniel and that picture with all the hair totally brought back memories of us brushing him. The hair was never ending!

Orton Family said...

Does the Furminator work? We could use to do that to our dogs too!