Monday, August 4, 2008

My Poor Baby

Saturday I got home from hula practice and went straight to the computer to check email, etc. Jeff and Gunnar were in the backyard doing somethings. Gunnar was playing in the water and I thought nothing of them back there. Jeff brings Gunnar up to the outside windows in front of the computer and I wonder to myself why he has red around his nose. I then realize that he was hurt. I wanted to cry so bad because it just looked so aweful. My cute little guy looked terrible. Jeff told me that when I was gone, he was mowing the front yard and Gunnar was playing in the driveway. He turned off the mower to check on Gunnar and found him crying with all of that on his face. Jeff still doesn't know what really happened. He either tripped and fell while pushing a Little Tikes wheelbarrow or sat in it and fell out. Two hours after the face incident, he was pushing his Little Tikes coupe car and fell and skinned his knee. When I asked Gunnar about his owies, he was more concerned with telling me about his knee which is nearly not as bad as his face. Boy did we get a lot of looks and comments at church. My family just laughed at it. He is now healing up and you can already see where it is scabbing over. It is a good thing because Mindy is getting married September 1st and I do not want him to look like that.

3 clever remarks:

The Woods said...

Oh! That looks like it hurt. It's always so sad when they get big owies like that.

Amber H. said...

Ouch! Doesn't it hurt you to see their faces like that?? Don't worry though, it will heal up long before the wedding. The thing you have to watch out for is that he doesn't do it again right before! It seems like my kids always fell and got huge bonks the day before I was going to take them in for pictures! Good luck :o)

Camille said...

Oh! That poor guy. Hope he gets better fast.