Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Papa is the best!

My dad was so excited for Gunnar to get this present. We actually got it a few weeks ago but I just now got around to taking pictures of it. It is this super cute backpack that he had made in Iraq just for Gunnar. It is in the same digital camo material as his outfit that he will be wearing for Halloween. My dad also had all of these fun things stitched onto it. It has Gunnar's name, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Lightning McQueen, a camel & scorpion on the side pockets and then where my dad is. I love it. All of us could not get passed how cute it is. The shoulder straps are even padded. It fits him perfectly with room to grow. Right now we use it as his church bag. We make Gunnar carrying his own things to church.

My dad also got us this boxed set of Disney movies. There is literally every movie that they have made up to this year in there. I don't even try to find the movie that I want to watch. I just pick a case inside and look the discs over and pick from there. There are like 35 dics inside. He can get them so incredibly cheap and these can not be found anywhere in the US if you know what I mean.

Thank you dad!

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Orton Family said...

What an awesome backpack! That was so kind and fun of your dad to do that for Gunner! I bet he loves it! I think the cool embroidered pitures and name are really fun! Also - that is neat to have all the Disney's in one collection! What a buy! I was sorry to read that none of your items sold. How much is the shipping? Would it be worth it to have it shipped back - try to sell on etsy, and then to ship them back again for the October show? Good luck with that Kristi.