Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So the Craft Boutique Fair has come and gone and I am super bummed. I did not sell a single thing. The organizer felt increibly bad because that was the case with pretty much everyone. Last year they had the fair a little later in the year for Christmas and did incredibly well. They were hoping that they would do the same given that there was a Run Walk sort of thing taking place in the same area. It didn't really work. What I am thankful for was that I hardly spent any money on this. I used things that I already had in creating what I did. It motivated me to work on things that needed to be worked on anyways. I needed to get some of things supplies used and made into things. Rebecca (the contact) stated that they are offering no vendor fee to the Christmas fair (that was successful last year) that will be in October. She felt really bad about the entire thing. She stated that she could hold onto my things until then so I don't have to pay for shipping. This is part of taking a risk and I am okay with it but hoped for better results.

My dilemma now is do I want her to hold them, or do I want to have them shipped back, list them on Etsy and hopefully get things rolling that way. After all it is about 2 months away. We were actually planning on sending a couple of other different things to her when I found out about the christmas fair (and before I knew the results of this fair).

What are some of your thoughts. I need to hear some other opinions.

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Scrapmymemories said...

Oh I am sorry! That sucks that nothing sold!
I am a GHLY suspicious person i would want my items back to check nothing was missing! But I guess if you have worked with her before I am sure she is trust worthy!
Chin up hunny

Scrapmymemories said...

Sorry typo *HIGHLY* suspicious

Camille said...

ugh! Sorry it didn't turn out better. I would get them back. You know how the market has been in the past, Sales tend to pick up in September. I still think it will be slower this year, but still get the things on etsy. I wouldn't trust leaving that much stuff with someone else. Will she pay you if it gets damaged or lost?