Thursday, August 14, 2008


So Heidi and I decided that we needed to start rating our hula gigs. We have now been to quite a few and in all different venues. Last Saturday after practice we had a performance at the Veterans Home. For adults, it ended up being just the three of us sisters and our instructor (she does solos when we are changing). None of us were really happy because everyone baled. Not good. We got there and it was the best experience ever. We had such a great captive audience and it was one of those that you knew dancing would bring back personal memories for many. It was probably the best dancing that we have ever done. It helps that we are sisters and just do it the same for the most part. My sister, Heidi, had one old man giving her thumbs up, little secret kid waves, and lots of smiles. It was pretty funny. They were so into which in turn created great energy. The keikis (kids) loved being there too and did such a great job. On our last song, they were in the back of the room trying to do exactly what we were doing. It was cute and made me happy that we are such a big influence on them. There were many moments where we were standing there waiting for the song to start and my emotions were so strong for the sacrifices that these men and women made for me. Thankfully the dancing started and I switched into dance mode before I started to cry. Afterwards, Mindy and I talked to this man about hula and how it brought back many memories for him. I am certain he was not the only one.
When we were leaving, the coordinator (or someone that at least worked there), told us about one man that has Alzheimers and rarely comes out of his room or interacts with others. He was there in the front of the room. She looked over during one of our performances and he was crying. Thinking about that just makes me want to cry. We had touched him in some way and he obviously remembered something from times ago. She told us that seeing that reminded her of why she was working there. I guess it was also Smoky the Bears birthday so he was there. It was not planned that he would be there during a Laua, it just worked out that way. The even funnier part was that the news was there for Smoky the Bear. So after all of this, we were on the news. Just us sisters. We left there feeling so good and greatful for everything. This one ranks at the top of our list.

Last night we again performed but this time in Nampa at some family fun night. They had so many things for the kids to do that were FREE. We love that. Ono's is a local Hawaiian Resteraunt in Boise that also has a catering thing too. So we danced by their food booth. We drew a fun crowd and it was just fun overall. Jeff and Gunnar went with us and had a great time. We also saw our friens the Hemmings. That was fun and they had never been as well. This also ranked up at the top for obviously different reasons than the Veterans home.

On the bottom of our list, definately Planet Beach. What a stupid event. And the gift certificates are turning out to be dumb as well. We are finding out that in order to use their services, you also have to buy all of these things to go along with each. Yeah, not free after all.

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Stacey said...

Wow! That sounds like the Veteran's was awesome. I think it is so great when people do things like that for them. That is so cool! I bet you guys do a great job!!

Amber H. said...

So that story about the man with alzheimer's is just way too sweet. How amazing to be apart of something like that! You need to have Jeff take a video of you guys dancing and post it on here! I would love to see it!