Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spa and Sephora

This last Saturday was spent with my sisters and mom. For performing Hula at a Planet Beach Contemp Spa Re-Grand Opening, they gave us certificates to use. Little did we know that they were just for the services and not for all of the stupid prduct that you had to buy to even use most of what they had. We found this out prior by one of our hula instructors (who was livid) but my two sisters were prepared to fight it out and get mad over the entire thing. We go in there and Heidi and Mindy hardly said a word. Then they got a little mad and we still had to pay to even do most of it. Oh well. It was great and some of the services felt nice (like the facial) but we did not feel as relaxed as we had hoped when we walked out.

Prior to going there, we went to Red Robin for lunch. It was a lot of fun and I always love spending time with my sisters and mom. We have such fun times together.
After we were done at the spa, we headed over to Sephora. I had never been but had heard all about it. My mom has become hooked on BareEscentuals and wanted to get us matched and a starter kit. The stuff is awesome! It goes on so light, instantly makes you look great and is fast to use. We all walked out of there with the foundation, and stuff for lips and eyes. Thanks mom! I know that I love it (and yes I am using it). The best part of this place is that you can literally try on EVERYTHING in the place. There is so much to try and it definately helped in narrowing down what did not look good on me. Heidi and my mom had to use the restroom so Mindy and I were stuck being bored. We instanly noticed something wrong with the mannequin and had to take a picture. We then sat ourselves on a bench and took funny pictures. My mom also noticed the arm and started being funny.

We had such a fun time and hope for more of these in the future.

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Amber H. said...

I love having fun and just being silly...especially with my sisters. It sounds like you guys had a great day! LOL!