Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is just not normal

Our garden has a mind of its own. The plants are just big and so are some of the vegetables if we don't find them soon enough. This poor squash was growing underneath some of the leaf stalks so it grew into something really big and ugly by the time we found it. The zucchini is really big. You can see the end of a normal sized one near the top. I can't wait to show you our pumpkins. We have one that is just so huge. Gunnar loves to talk to it everytime that we are out there. We need to start calling him the Pumpkin Whisperer because something is working.

3 clever remarks:

Rachel C. said...

Will you call me with your phone number? I tried using the ward list, but it was a wrong number. Maybe I'm just not with it, but I swear I stared at the number I dialed in my phone and the number printed in that little pink book for 5 minutes to make sure I had it right. Maybe that proves how not with it I am sometimes!

Camille said...

Wowzer! That big one would be great for stuffed Zucchini. It's really easy to make and so yum! Even my kids gobble it up.

Zoe said...

Wowsers! they do look funny! lol