Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Apple of My Eye

Gunnar has been learning about apples for the entire month of September. That is all that I heard about, that is mostly what he brought home as projects. He loved it! Last week we headed to the orchard to fulfill one of our wards assignments. Gunnar was loving it and I really enjoyed how it brought a concept that he was learning about in preschool full circle. Jeff was so good about letting Gunnar help him on a ladder. We were supposed to pick the good apples and pick/drop the ones that had worm holes in them. Gunnar became really good at distinguishing the two. He found it to be a really great game. He was so excited to have a full basket and then get to drop them in the huge bins. We had a really fun time and it always feels good to serve the Lord and do what we have been asked.

3 clever remarks:

Camille said...

Cool. I wish we lived closer tot he orchard so it was more convenient to pick.. We just get cannery assignments and can't exactly take the whole family to help..

Zoe said...

wow thats a load of apples :-)
we have apples coming out of our ears! LOL

Amber H. said...

Your ward assigns people to pick apples? I have never heard of that! Josh's parents just took the girls to an apple orchard up on the mountain a few weeks ago and they picked a bunch of apples and loved it. My kids are apple monsters, so it's a good thing! How fun for Gunnar to be able to do something fun!